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Nice frilly tennis knickers video!
Hi all - if any of you love frilly knickers as much as I do then you'll like this video:

Jorgen   Smile
Thanks Jorgen, a lovely visual collection of frilly knickers.
The amount of times i wore them over my nappy and waterproofs . Ready made baby panties for the young sissy baby .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Wished that video would stop fingering those lovelies and simply put on a live model - perhaps amply diapered for effect !

Note the modern day commercially made rhumba knickers only have 5 or 6 rows of lacy frills and only across the bum -
These 60's have a full deck (crotch to waist) and all around -
Of course you can have rhumba knickers custom made and in colors and patriot themes red-white-blue alternating pattern.

Other than eBay ETSY and other sources - the least expensive way to get rhumba knickers is to look at square dance panties.
Oh those are lovely panties indeed! Any sissy should be proud to wear them!

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