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Dressing up?
Have you tried eBay ?

EBay and Amazon are unrestrictive of personal sensitive item -

Use the SEARCH field  -
Don't be afraid to put in exactly what you are looking for:
Chastity Belt
Butt Plug

Expand your butt hole horizons - - -
When you have found the item you are interested in - L-O-O-K a bit further
Look below the Sellers Information block for
Click on it and see what develops - - -

Or if after you have added the item to your wish list - "ADD TO WATCH LIST"
Go back to YOUR WATCH LIST and look to the right of the item for the block
Click on it for a drop down menu -
Click on -

Let your curiosity see what develops after that -

Oh and have you reached the end of the internet in your searches ?
(06-22-2021, 10:23 PM)Sissy Celeste Wrote:
(06-22-2021, 04:09 PM)Micheallancaster Wrote:
(06-21-2021, 05:21 AM)Bonzodoug Wrote: The time honoured combination of a chastity device and a butt plug will certainly make you less masculine, 'softer' and more attentive to her needs.

Could you tell me more about where I can acquire these things? It seems like something interesting to trty

A google search is your best bet. There are numerous online retailers and you will be able to find one that is in your country to minimise postage and other costs. Try a fairly modest plug as a first purchase, you might find a large one rather too daunting until you have trained yourself to accept something larger comfortably.
I’m just wondering what’s a modest size? I’ve never put anything up my butt or worn a chastity cage. I have a 4 inch cock if that helps.

Fill in the blanks as you read along - - - - -

On an inexpensive side start your research with a toilet paper cardboard cylinder - see how it fits - loose - tight - in the flaccid and erected modes.
Now a trip to a hardware plumbing store for a plastic PVC pipe with similar dimensions to check on something smaller and shorter.
Don't do this fitting in a pubic (public) aisle of course.
Butt now you have the basic measurements in hand -
Think about how this tube would be fasten around the penis and scrotum so it don't fall off
Now when shopping on line (eBay etc) you need to have the seller sell you something of similar size and measurement
Cheap plastics may not be the answer for comfort (comfort never was the answer anyway)
Tightness short of cutting off blood circulation is recommended -
Dis thing ain't comin off easily without damage -
First time you may buy a cheap plastic device and realize later that a metal design is better - experiment

Once that is all figured out - it is time for that leap of faith - who is going to be the keyholder
and how long the commitment is going to be.

With all that settled - take a nice curtsey and exit stage left

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