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My Footwear "Challenge"
Hi everyone.

On Monday of this week, I decided to check some bus timetables as I had to got to a nearby market town the next day. "What's so special about that?" I hear you cry. Simple - I was going wear a pair of white girl's socks with lace trim and my black, Mary Jane,T-Bar, Strap-over shoes with Velcro fastening!

So off I went. The timetables were at a pair of staggered bus pull-ins/bays on the 'Main' road which carries traffic  on the route from Norwich to the East Coast. (It is usually very busy).  The first thing  I noticed was how self-conscious I was. I was wearing a black cotton shirt & dark blue denim jeans. What I forgot is that this, along with the openings in the black shoes, this  made my white socks stand out! True, You couldn't see the lace trim, but I was worried that the socks would draw attention to me.

To make matters worse, there was a woman sitting at the stop where I wanted to check the bus timetable. So I had to cross over to the stop for buses going in the other direction.  (I was convinced that close up. this woman would notice that I was wearing female socks and shoes!). So I pretended to read the timetable in the other direction. Fortunately, I had a fairly rough idea about the time of the bus I needed the next day.

Heading back, I became even more self-conscious as I waited to cross the road near the village war memorial to get home. Once back indoors, I quickly replaced my shoes and socks.

So why did I do it? Well:

(1) I wanted to see if I was brave enough to do it

(2) I also wanted to see what it was like to walk for a good distance  in female footwear.

Would I do it again? - Yes! But next time with black  frilly socks! Smile
Did you take note of any reactions to your situation - did your self consciousness prove worthwhile? If you want to experience the more tricky side of walking a significant distance in female shoes, you could try stiletto heels next time.  Wink
A great experience there Sissy Leslie but GirlyGirl is correct you tale up on that challange Wink
Good girl, Leslie. Slowly but surely, show off your true nature.

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