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Adopted by Mistress Klutz

I will first explain to you my situation that I found myself in before I dive right into my story. I will start off by explaining a bit about me. My names Nick and I’m five foot three and less the a hundred and twenty pounds. I have shoulder length hair and I’m sixteen. I have a younger sister named Claire who is already taller then me and strong unfortunately which leads to me get picked on by her of course. I know it should be the other way around but she is just so much stronger then me. I will now explain how we got adopted by Mistress Klutz. Both of our parents were suddenly killed in a car crash which was just devasting. We bounced around and around from foster home to foster home. This caused me to lash out and do very poorly in school. My sister on the other hand was still thriving. Eventually we had a strange visit one day from an older women her called herself Mistress Klutz. She informed us that she had just adopted us and we had to go with her. This is where it starts off the first night at her manor!

Chapter 1
We just pulled up the manor which was exciting and strange. Keep in mind we have never met Mistress Klutz before and now we are her wards and will be living at her manor. “Welcome children to my manor! Now I know that you must be concerned and worried but I assure you that you will be treated fairly. I have always wanted kids and I’m very excited. Now let me tell you about the manner. There is a total of ten bed rooms and a handful of bathrooms. There is also a pool, a ballet studio and an ice skating rink.” We we’re both amazed as we looked at one another. “Now I’m a no nonsense type of guardian if there is any none sense you will be punished now enter!” Mistress Klutz allowed us to enter the manor. We were amazed! It was so big! So big! “Now here is the main living quarters! Tomorrow I will give you a full tour of the house but it quite late tonight. Your rooms are both upstairs. Claire yours is to the right. Nick yours to the left. I’ll be up in a moment to check on you.”

Me and my sister both went to our rooms to check them out. I was upset too say the least. My room as like a pink paradise. Pink everywhere! And the closet was full for frilly dresses and tutus and figure skating dresses! The dresser was full of panties and bras and tights. This can’t be my room I said to myself. Moments later Mistras Klutz appeared in the doorway. “Sorry for the pinkness I was expecting to adopt two girls but that wasn’t possible.” You didn’t know that I was a boy? “I did that’s why I took so long to pull the trigger but I never changed the room.” I don’t want too sound ungrateful but are there any other rooms that I could stay in? “Well there are but those rooms are filled with prom dresses and wedding gowns. I’m a collector of such things.” Oh I said. “Don’t worry I’ll have the maid clear out everything tomorrow and then I’ll bring in a contractor to change up the room to your liking. “Now get ready for bed! Your sister is already sleeping.”
Chapter 2
I awoke the next morning and for the first time in a while I was very excited for my new life. I went down to breakfast and my sister was already eating with Mistress Klutz. The maid was cooking breakfast as well. “Ah Nick welcome to breakfast! Miss Sarah the maid is cooking for you.” Thank you Miss Sarah I said. “Oh no problem. I took the liberty to wash your clothes this morning as well as your sisters.” Thank you Miss Sarah. “While the laundry is going I will take you both on a tour of the property. You’ve seen the downstairs and your rooms but there is so much more. So finish up and I will show you the rest of the upstairs.” So after we were done eating Miss Klutz brought us upstairs to show us some rooms. “Over hear next to you room Nick is the prom dress room and next to that is the wedding dress room.” She opened the door too both. They must have had a hundred dresses in each room. “Oh my god that are all so pretty Mistress Klutz.” “They are indeed Claire and if you want you may try on dresses whenever if you wish.” “Really are you serious?” “Of course and Nick I don’t want to discriminate so that offer also extends to you.”

My younger sister started to laugh. “As funny as it sounds some boys love to wear pretty things. So these doors are always open.” “Haha that reminds me of that one time you wore my tights Nick.” I turned beat red and was ashamed. “You wore tights?” I just wanted to see how they felt. “I see we’ll feel free to do the same here.” Thank you but in all set as my sister kept on laughing. “Okay now to the ballet studio and ice skating rink.” She told us to the ballet studio first. “Do either of you practice ballet?” “No we don’t Miss Klutz.” “That’s a shame I have a private trainer come if your interested and same goes for figure skating. These are great extra curricula's to put on your transcripts.” Eventually she showed us the huge yard and that was it. “Well I hope you both liked it! Now get changed as your clothing should be done by now!”
A great start, Nicole and a fresh new dynamic - Miss Klutz sounds like an interesting character.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.
Chapter 3
When I got back to my room to change I found Miss Sarah there waiting for me looking troubled. “My oh my I’m sorry. Your clothes they are missing!” Missing what do you mean? You just took them to be washed! “Yes but I went to go take them out of the dryer and they were not there!” Miss Sarah what did you do to them? “Nothing nothing! What would I have to gain from that?” “What’s going on here?” I looked behind me to see Mistress Klutz standing in the door way. Miss Sarah is saying that someone lost my clothes! Or stole them! “Miss Sarah what happened?” I went to take his clothes out of the drier and they were gone!” “Well they couldn’t have just gone missing.” “Look that’s all I know! I didn’t do it on purpose I’m sorry!” “It’s fine Nick you will have to make do with what we have here until we can go into town.” Okay that’s fine I just won’t change. “Oh no no no! You have plenty of options here! I won’t have you running a muck in dirty clothes.” Mistress Klutz all that I have seen here is girls clothing!

I’m not wearing girls clothes! “You will if I say that you have too! I’m your guardian and I’m in charge! Your choices are what’s in the closet in this room or a dress from the wedding room or the prom room! Take your pick!” I groaned and looked at what was in the closet and most of it was girly petticoat dresses. Please Mistress Klutz they are so girly! I’m not wearing any of this! “You can and you will or else I will spank you! And then you will still wear something from the house!” You wouldn’t spank me! “Want to bet?” That’s all it took for Mistress Klutz to grab me and put me over her knee and spank me with a hair brush. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! That pain was too much! Okay okay! I’ll wear a dress. Whack! “You’ll do what?” Wear a dress! Whack! “Good now pick something out or I’ll have your sister pick out something. You have two minutes!”

I couldn’t decide all the dresses were so girly and prissy! “Five four three two one! Times up!” Times up? “Yes times up you clearly haven’t learned anything! Claire come here please!” “What’s going on?” “Long story short is your brothers clothes have been lost and he refuses to wear a dress so you have the option too pick one out for him!” “Really? Like to wear?” “But of course!” My sister burst out laughing and ran to the closet and looked through all the dresses. I had a feeling of doom in my stomach!
I think ‘cruel to be kind’ is the expression. Nick may not be over enthused just now but in years to come the lessons that he learns now and the values he nurtured will make for a much more rounded individual.
A thrilling read, can't wait to find out which dress she picks for him then his and everyones reactions.
Chapter 4
You can’t seriously make me wear a dress. “I seriously can! You will wear whatever dress your sister picks out, and you will wear the matching bra and panty set that goes with it. Which ever tights that go best with the dress and the matching heels. Unless of course you would like another spanking from my hair brush and maybe I will even let your little sister administer it.” My stomach dropped and my bottom seared in pain. I wouldn’t last another round of spankings and I couldn’t give my little sister the opportunity to do it because she would jump at the chance. I hung my head down in shame. “A wise choice now go and see what Claire picked out for you.” I walked over the the closet where my sister rummaged through dress after dress. Each option just as girly at the previous. “Hmm what shall my big brother wear? Oh I know this  dress is perfect for you!” To my horror my sister picked out a hideous looking blue floral dress!

“Oh a perfect pick Claire! That is a vintage 1950s wedding dress! It’s perfect for your brother! Okay Nick strip down please!” Strip down in front of you all? No way! Mistress Klutz raised her hair brush in warning again. “Do you need another round?” Mortified I said no! I took off my clothes including my boxers and stood naked before her, my sister, and the maid Miss Sarah. “Hahaha” “Perfect! Your penis is the perfect size for dresses. It’s down right dainty.” My face turned red from the humiliation. “Now put on the panties and bra and tights I laid out on the bed. I’m assuming you will need help with the bra. Miss Sarah will assist you.” Instead of waiting for the bra Miss Sarah rushed over and pulled the panties up my waist and tight fastened the bra and the pushed me on the bed and rolled the tights up my legs! “Oh just perfect! Now Miss Sarah the dress please.” Miss Sarah picked the dress off the hanger and pulled it over my head and zipped me up in the back. My sister couldn’t hold back her laughter and I felt so humiliated. “Good now step into the heels!” I picked up the heels and put them on and wobbled as I stood up! I’ve never felt so sissy before in my life. The heels glinted and my tights shimmered and the panties and bra held me in place while the dress swirled above my knees. Sadly this was only the start!

Chapter 5
“Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! What do you think Claire do you like the dress?” “Oh my I love it! It suits him perfectly as you said! I guess we are lucky he’s got a girlish figure.” Of we are and we are lucky that his penis is so perfectly petite!” “Is that what they all look like Mistress Klutz?” “Oh no! Most are rather large however, your brother is at the end of the small spectrum. So, I guess you can say he was born to wear dresses!” All the girls laughed as my face got even more red and my penis got smaller in shame. “Now come along it’s time for lunch!” I can’t make it downstairs in these heels! “If me and Miss Sarah can the I’m sure you will survive!” With that I followed them downstairs and each step was a struggle as my feet began to hurt but I did make it. I couldn’t help but feel humiliated every time I looked down and saw what I was wearing and every time the dress sashayed about. “See what wasn’t so bad now was it?” Mistress Klutz my feet hurt! Can I take off the heels? “That’s up to your sister!” What? Why? “Because I said so! So can he Claire?” “Of course not the heels match the dress.” “Well there you have it!” I was so mad at her, and Mistress Klutz too and Miss Sarah for losing my clothes!

Well sat down to eat as Miss Sarah served lunch. My sister and Mistress Klutz were served burgers as I was served a salad. What? Why do I get a salad? “You need to watch your figure! That’s your new diet so get used to it!” That’s not fair! “What’s not fair is my hair brush! Would you like to go over my knee again?” I trembled in fear! Of course not Mistress Klutz! “Good now hurry up and eat I booked a special service for after lunch.” A special service? “Yes you both need hair cuts and to be freshened up. So my hair stylists Lisa and Hilary will be joining us today!” “All right! Do you do nails too?” “But of course!” I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Mistress Klutz must have noticed! “Don’t worry Nick Hilary won’t do anything bad!” How could I trust her after this?

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A gorgeous dress and Nick is very lucky to have been provided the opportunity of wearing it. Miss Klutz clearly has him right where she wants him, though.
Oh wow this is fun even if Nick doesn't think so. Sure is a gorgeous dress, just perfect for him and properly dressed under it with heels too. Just deserves a new hairstyle and nails sorted.
Chapter 6
Shortly after lunch Mistress Klutz’s hairstylist Lisa and Hilary arrived. They were both pretty young girls but probably a good ten years old then myself. “Good afternoon Mistress Klutz what will we be doing for you today?” “You will be doing the hair for my two new wards today Claire and Nick. Nick is the one in the pretty pale blue dress.” I burned in embarrassment again. “Wow that is a very pretty dress Nick can you stand up and show me how pretty it is?” I didn’t want too but I saw Mistress Klutz raise her hairbrush across the table. So I stood up and the dress swirled around me. “Oh wow heels and all! You know you would look really good with your make up and nails done also.” Well Mistress Klutz told me that I didn’t have to get all that done. “Well I might have been too hasty if it’s Hilary’s professional opinion that you need them done then you need them done.” “It is in my professional opinion that they need to be done!” “Then it’s settled Nick you hair, make up and nails will be done.” No I don’t want them done! “You have two choices number one is that you obey and get them done. Number two is you get trashed by my hair brush and still get them done. What will it be?” She rose the hairbrush menacingly and I caved. Number one is fine. “Good Choice now go with Hilary!”

Click clack click clack went my heels as I followed Hilary too my destination. Hilary please don’t do this! This is all happening against my will! “You will call me Miss Hilary now and that part doesn’t matter too me. If your wearing a pretty dress you need to be pretty as well. Or do I have to put you over my knee and spank you with my hairbrush?” No please I can’t take the pain! “Then it’s settled! Let’s get to work!” It tools a while but Miss Hilary painted my nails white and did a French manicure on my toes. She put my hair into an elaborate bun and did my make up. When she was done I didn’t even recognize myself. What did you do to me? It all looks so permanent! “That’s because it is! You need to always look pretty in those pretty dresses!” But she taking me to town to buy new clothes. “Oh I’m sorry sweetie but that won’t ever be happening! No you will be wearing dresses forever!”

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