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Babysitter story
(06-07-2021, 06:34 PM)Cindy Wrote: Thanks for continuing your lovely story.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have started to write a sequel, this time it will be all fiction, well 99% anyway. It is quite cathartic writing this, it allows expression of my fantasies, and as there is no time scheduled, I can keep tuning it up to be in correct English, and hopefully a good story. I don't know where it's going to go until it gets there.
Watch this space.
Take your time. I think it's better to write when the mood strikes you. I understand how writing makes you feel. I'm much the same. We'll be patient. Smile
(06-14-2021, 07:30 PM)Cindy Wrote: Take your time. I think it's better to write when the mood strikes you. I understand how writing makes you feel. I'm much the same. We'll be patient. Smile
Here is the first chapter of the continuation. Enjoy!

Mistress Anita, a story of fantasy.

Chapter 1.

My Owner came to me some months later, saying that Stephanie had called and talked to her. Stephanie had said she had a friend who lived local to us who would be interested in continuing the training that Stephanie had started. Anita would be stricter than she had been, though, so I might not like it. My Owner said she had accepted without hesitation on my behalf, and that she had called Anita, who would drop by later to talk to us. I was not sure about this, but I clearly had no say in the matter.
When Anita came to visit, I was sent to the bedroom while she and my Owner talked, then I was called in to hear the new arrangements. She said she would indeed be stricter than Stephanie had been, and would be training me to do more domestic chores, to make my Owner’s life easier. She said that Stephanie had sent her the diary, so she had seen what happened with me and she had a baseline to build on. I would continue to use the diary. I was told that my Owner would put me into the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet every Friday afternoon, no more ‘easy time’ with my normal day-to-day pink ‘dailymall Men Male Chastity Device’ on Fridays. It would of course be up to my Owner to remove the Kali’s Bracelet when she thought fit, usually on the Saturday morning. Oh dear. And then she discussed the black mark book, which Stephanie had sent her. There were too many black marks that still had to be removed, so the weekly Punishment would double, to twelve strokes with the slipper or cane, depending on her mood. Again, a cut with the cane would count for double black mark relief, so it was not all bad (!)
The first Friday that she came, she started by inspecting my schoolgirl uniform. “Tut, tut, that is too long” she said, looking at the gymslip skirt hemline. I was told that as homework, I was to unpick the hem, and shorten it by a couple of inches, re-sewing it in place. After the inspection we moved on to my ‘mantra’, what I had to say at the start of each sentence or set of sentences. “What did Stephanie have you say?”, she asked, looking at her notes. “Most Worshipful Mistress Stephanie” I replied. “That’s correct. From now on, starting right now, it will be ‘My Most Worshipful Goddess and Mistress Anita-Elizabeth’. Try it”. This was going to be bad, I could imagine several black marks for getting this messed up.
I had to use this new mantra right off when asking for my punishment and for each thank you and request for the next cut, and at all other times whenever I spoke to her. It was horrible, and the twelve strokes that followed the introduction of this new regimen were torture. I had to use the mantra for each stroke with the slipper. I was then put on a stool with my skirt out of the way, so my bottom was held by my weight on top of the stool. I had to stay like this for a quarter of an hour.
Next I was instructed to change into the maid outfit. As Mistress Stephanie had said, but had never done anything about, My Most Worshipful Goddess and Mistress Anita-Elizabeth commented on the plain-ness of the leotard’s neckline, and told me to at least sew on a strip of lace trim for next week. Then she would decide what else to do to smarten it up. She had me fetch the serving tray, awarding me black marks for forgetting to curtsey on my way out of and back into the room, and fitted it to me, hanging the keys on the little hook hanging underneath. She had me parade around for a while while trying to keep the bells in the arm restraints silent, and then, at about ten o’clock, said that she had to leave, to get to the pub in time for a drink. The tray was removed, I was told to go and have a pee, and the tray was put back on. Then I was sat on the stool again, and she produced a pair of costume handcuffs, which were still good enough to keep me in place by cuffing my ankles to one of the stool’s legs. My Most Worshipful Goddess and Mistress Anita-Elizabeth told me that she had thought of putting a ball-gag on me, but that was too dangerous, but she would work on what to do in future, as she would usually be leaving me alone like this so she could join the girls for a drink. Instead, she fetched the bunny ears and put them on my head, and put a small stick between my lips and told me that I was to still have it there when my Owner came home. She made sure that there was no TV or radio on and that I could not see a clock, and then turned on the laptop camera, and placed it so that I could watch myself, doing nothing and going nowhere, until my Owner came home. Before she left, she took a snapshot picture on the laptop, and downloaded it to a memory stick, which she took away.

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Thanks Hugh for continuing the story.
Thank you so much for continuing this great story.
A great continuation- at least he isn’t likely to get bored with all these new rules and routines to memorise and carry out - and what could be more engaging than the occasional punishment to break it all up.  Wink

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