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Shopping with daddy
Laura here. I took daddy shopping recently.
 We sauntered through town, hand in hand.

 The top of his pretty head barely reaches my chin.
 Robin wore a cute, v short summer frock in deep décolletage and pink 5" strappies.
 His E-cup Titties juddered lubriciously with each delicate ladylike step.

 Salesgirl at the Sissy Dress boutique entrance stripped daddy naked in his heels.
 She snickered. He was flagrantly erect.

 I purchased several revealing dresses for Robin.

¬† ¬†¬†    
That's a lovely shopping trip for you both.
(06-04-2021, 10:24 PM)afp Wrote: That's a lovely shopping trip for you both.
 It was. Daddy needed several Sissy essentials.
 Makeup, mascara, lipstick, mouth soap, Undertitty wipes, etc.
 And a few new backless dresses.

 Like every Sissy, he slow dances with handsome, hugely-hung men and Masters.
 They thrust both hands deep into his fat fanny.
 Sissy's dress has to fully expose his Bottom for that.

 When home, Daddy acted Sulky and Impertinent.
 I Marched him upstairs to the Discipline Room.

¬† ¬† ¬†    
Hopefully a good spanking.

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