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Massage is Good for Your Superior
This happened last night.  

R, my Queen, and I, were sitting on the couch, watching television, arm in arm.  After about half an hour she slipped onto the floor in front of me, still watching the screen and leaned back and moved between my legs.  
She didn't have to say anything: I began massaging her neck, head, shoulders and upper back.  She was clearly enjoying the experience but no words passed between us - her little sighs told me everything.  
Fifteen minutes later, R swung herself around and lay on the floor, facing me, and put both her legs up to rest on mine.  Again, no need for words, as she shut her eyes and let me massage her feet and legs, initially together, then individually.  Another fifteen minutes passed before she lifted herself up off the floor and sat back between my legs on an angle, first presenting one arm and then the other, for massaging.  Once more, no words needed.  
When she was ready she simply said, 'That's enough now', then smiled and told me how good it all felt and thanked me.  I was so happy I'd made her feel so content.  And to be looking after her.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
What a wonderful evening for both of you. Doing something nice when it's unexpected is so gratifying.
I too think that must have been a wonderful evening for both.
Wow, what an incredible story. You spent your time romantically, and I've only read this in books. Once I fell in love with a girl who gave me a massage. And it was a phenomenal massage, as you can understand. But after such an experience, I felt more free, maybe because I fell in love? And now I've flown to another country for work, and I'm constantly thinking about her. What do you advise me in this situation? Forget about her, or maybe try to find her contacts and call her. Perhaps I can buy her a ticket, and she will fly to me. I hope I'll get lucky someday in this life.
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