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The New Lumi by Pampers for Sissy Baby's

"In 2019 Pampers revolutionized the diaper world by announcing its Lumy, a smart diaper sensor that alerts you when your baby is wet, by sending a notification on your phone. It also calculates temperature and humidity, in addition to separating a graph with the result of all the diapers the baby used, and the famous alarm showing that it is time to change the baby's diaper. Wanting to expand the market, we, two experienced Mommys, decided to create a Lumy for adult babies. And to show you how it works, we put the Smart Sleep Sensor in your Sissy Baby Bedwetter that has just soaked your diaper. The difference between Lumi for babies and Lumi for Sissy Babies is that the baby sensor warns you that it is time to change your diaper just before 50% humidity. The sensor for Sissy Babies will only warn you that it is time to change the diaper at 98% humidity. This Sissy For example is at 60%, so she will have plenty of wet diaper time ahead. And you can rest assured that the diaper that comes with the Smart Sleep Sensor is totally safe at 98%, keeping your sissy TOTALLY WET INSIDE, and secure on the outside, able to last a whole day! The less diaper change, the better for the environment. In addition, you can save the weekly diaper chart that your sissy uses, and show your visitors, neighbors and coworkers how bedwetter your sissy is. And then Mommy, I think it's worth buying our New Lumi by Pampers for Sissy Baby's, right?"
This sounds very cool. Is this an actual product or a wishful thought?
A fascinating invention. Useful for the mistress of course but also (I imagine) something of a torment for the sissy - possibly even an incentive for the sissy to use the nappy as much as possible. 

Of course, one has to consider what happens if the nappy becomes dirty before it is wet enough.  Wink
Even better, it wouldn't stop Mummies from continuing to do embarrassing diaper checks, just for the enjoyment of watching our shame.

They could even have competitions, with Mummies checking our nappies, then estimating how wet and soggy we are, before checking on the Lumi. The winner could decide what would happen to us toddlers next, or if they were lucky they would get to be able to change us, putting us up on the changing table, stripping off our nappies before carefully strapping our bottoms until we're howling, before once again attaching the Lumi and carefully and tightly pinning our thick cotton nappies, along with a the same plastic pants, making sure that all we can smell is baby powder, lotion, and pee from our wetting.

A Mummy's group, all of them sitting around with their toddler sissies at their feet. Making us crawl and entertain them, sucking on big bottles to make sure we all wet our nappies over and over.
An intriguing invention indeed.
A delicious invention for sure.

The only thing is, letting a sissy baby’s nappy get to 98% wetness will almost inevitably mean at least two wettings, probably some time apart. So sissy’s bottom is going to be soaked in his wee-wee for a long time, and that can cause nappy rash.

So either his Mommy needs to be very generous with the barrier cream she smears on his bottom when she puts him into his nappy, or he needs to be prepared for a very embarrassing trip to the doctor!
The latter would make for an embarrassing conversation, for sure.  Wink 

My own nappy punishment brings to mind a compromise though whereby consumption of greater amounts of fluid would reduce the amount of time taken to reach the 98% by effectively imposing a form of temporary incontinence.
Surely you would still be relying on Mummy changing your nappy promptly?
The sooner the better, obviously but if you imagine that ordinarily it might take three hours to reach capacity, one might have nappy rash before the alarm had even sounded whereas the alarm might at least sound sans nappy rash if helped along by liquids speeding up the process.
I think it’s extended periods in a wet or messy nappy that cause nappy rash, so you’re probably right, Girlygirl.

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