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Mother’s son sissy maid
Hi tomyfem,

Yes and one of her Mother’s wicked very tight bondage position was being hogtied, where she was made to wear her 6 inch white patent pumps with her Mother saying well she’s not going anywhere so she might as well wear her prettiest pumps.
She was made to lay on her tummy on the couch and take her braided ponytail and join it to her ankle chains making her legs bent towards the ceiling and her head bent backwards towards her high heels, looked very restricting and very uncomfortable and of course her hands bound behind her back all while wearing her ball gag in the punishment mode.
I think you where right for a minimum of at least a couple of hours something like that, the picture of her was crazy wicked this maid sure went through a lot I can’t even imagine the training she went through as a young girl probably pretty wild.


(05-18-2021, 05:33 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: Some interesting ideas there, Sissygirl. The case of the earrings is quite interesting as there is no doubt that the bigger the earring and the longer the attaching chain, the more it weighs down the lobe. I imagine it could be quite subtle as well - if done right, not necessarily apparent to anyone looking that any punishment was even in play.

Yes you are correct, for very naughty sissy girls, maids and alike.
Well girls there was one more punishment for the sissy maid and this was probably the most interesting of them all, well Mother’s daughter/son maid was married off to one of her friends, from the pictures it looked like her new wife was just as old fashion looking as her Mother very bizarre looking couple.
As one of maids new roles was to do house work for her new mother-in-law for the coming out she was to be fully dressed in her maids outfit standing in her living room with her ponytail tied to the ceiling fan  of course chained and ball gaged with a note explaining that new daughters wife/maid she was her maid too as needed.
As article continued apparently explaining the new wife/maid wasn’t to thrilled about being tied to the celling fan awaiting her new mother-in-law to come home to find her new daughters wife/maid of waiting for who knows how long she would have too stand there, they made the new wife/maid still made her the new mother-in-law maid too, but came up with a new punishment...
That certainly sounds like an unusual and embarrassing predicament she was subjected to. I’m assuming the ceiling fan wasn’t turned on?  Big Grin
(05-26-2021, 09:13 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: That certainly sounds like an unusual and embarrassing predicament she was subjected to. I’m assuming the ceiling fan wasn’t turned on?  Big Grin

Well in the article it wasn’t turned on lol.
Can you perhaps make scans of these articles, or maybe photograph them?
(05-30-2021, 12:04 AM)zizy Wrote: Can you perhaps make scans of these articles, or maybe photograph them?

This was 30 years ago, haven’t had them for almost just as long, wish I did it was a small newspaper type magazine called Esoterica out of NY one of the Mistresses was called Domino and she hated men kinda dark hair mean looking and one eye was a little off probably teased as a child I would assume probably why she was so mean to men in general and there was another Mistress she was shorter but cute and all of her pictures she was always standing on men with her spiked ankle boots and seemed to be enjoying it.
I looked on line for any reference to this magazine but could not find anything.
This is probably the only story I’ve ever come across where a boy was born to be a full time wife/maid by his Mother and a total erotica one too that lucky boy, his sissy life must have been very strict, regimented and disciplined 24/7 to turn out to be a wonderful sissy wife/maid.

When the sissy maid objected to being presented to his new mother-in-law, Mother then had her sissy son/daughter where her pretty maids dress when from the pictures looked pretty much like a cute little short dress with a little more lace than for a normal dress, no chains no ball gag just the maids dress with 5” red patent pumps very pointy toes and heels and a matching purse and she was to walk to the store through the neighborhood about 6 blocks, shop and carry the grocery’s back 6 blocks which made her very uncomfortable walking by all those houses and people staring at such a girly site, the two most distressing things that the sissy maid found was one that she was kept in serving chains for so many years that the sissy maid was only capable of walking in short mincing steps which turned heads and brought her very unwanted attention and two when she was walking home a man in a truck asked her if she wanted a ride home keeping her company for a couple of blocks, I guess Mother knew this punishment would be even worse or maybe the sissy maid loved it deep down inside.

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