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Turned Sissy By Girly Girl Best Friend: Sweetness Edition
I think we might have a new member of Team Feminise. I wonder what she will bring to the party.  Wink
Chapter 11
Madison I don’t want to wear that gown. I’ve had my fill of this! “Oh come on I want to see your girly little curtsey routine!” I don’t do a routine! “Really? That’s not why I heard. Come on put on your girly little gown for your crush Madison.” I gasped! How did she know? I don’t have a crush on you Madison! “Oh cut the crap I’ve known for years! Now when a guy has a crush on a girl and she finds out. He falls under her command and he does whatever she says.” That’s not true! “Oh it’s very true now put on your prom dress and curtsey for Miss Madison!” Why should I do? Surely that wasn’t really a thing, but what if it’s true and there were consequences for my disobedience. I thought it over and I grudgingly decided to put on the dress once again. I took the dress for her and she zipped me up to make it official. “Perfect! Now say your line!”

Do you like my dress Miss Madison? “Oh I love your dress. Let’s go show Miss Claire!” Claire was waiting for us with a smile on her face. Do you like my dress Miss Claire? “I love it! Don’t you Madison?” “Oh it’s so perfect! Now curtsey for your female overlords!” Female overlords what were they talking about? I curtsied and curtsied for them. “That’s right we are females and we are your superiors! Keep on curtseying and bow down to the more powerful female race.” What were they talking about? Their words however had a strong effect on my penis as it was loving there humiliation. I didn’t like that but I wanted it to continue.
Between them they have Nick right where they want him - like cookie dough in their hands. The only thing to find out now is how they wish to mould it.  Big Grin
Nicky is being swamped by all these lovely strong females, no point in him resisting fate, this is going to be fun.
Chapter 12
“Prom dress sissy! Prom dress sissy! Curtsey for your overloads!” Both of them laughed and laughed as I curtsied for them again. “This is so hilarious Claire! You know I always thought your brother was a sissy and I guess I can confirm that now.” I’m not a sissy Madison! I only bought this for my friend Emily and that’s that. “It’s Miss Madison that’s how you should address me, and it sounds like you should be addressing Emily as Miss Emily also.” No that’s not right! I’m her bestie! Both of them laughed again! “Claire this is so much fun! Does she have any other prom dresses?” “Nope sadly this is it!” “Well that’s just no good! We will have to go but more.” “I’m down let’s go! It’s at the mall!” No I can’t go back to that store! Please the shops owner and store assistants are really mean. Please I’m begging you guys. “Hmm well Madison can’t we take him to your moms bridal boutique? Surely she will let him try on some dresses at least?” “Oh she will do more then just that. She might even let him have some dresses that have been there forever and haven’t sold!” “Awesome! We will need to take some pictures for Emily I’m sure she would love them!” We don’t need to do that! She doesn’t need too know. “Except she does! You’re her bestie and she needs to keep tabs on you! Now go put on that outfit you had on earlier and we can go!” Yes Miss Claire I said!
Glad to see a simple yes learned from his earlier protests in the chapter only made it worse, or is that better Wink

Lots more fun and dresses on the way so.

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