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Turned Sissy By Girly Girl Best Friend: Sweetness Edition
Chapter 1 
I should start at the beginning of this journey as me and my best friend Emily walk to our first class as freshman In college. Our heels clicking and clacking as we walk as well as our purses dangle on our wrist. Our lip gloss shined and our nails sparkled. Our skirts matched our tops perfectly as we settled in. I’ll tell you the story of how this came to be. The story of which I’m speaking about is how my best friend Emily slowly but surely turned me into her best girl friend. 

Me and Emily have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Through the good times and the bad. She was there for me when my mother passed and she convinced my older sister Claire who legally became my guardian to move back home so I didn’t have to change schools. Emily has been here through all the teasing due to my short and petite frame and the no existent puberty that my body refused to go through. I was sixteen and my body was still completely hairless and my penis had never grown an inch since I was a kid. My voice never deepened and I stood at five foot flat and I was little less then a hundred and twenty pounds. Luckily because of my friendship with Emily the bullying wasn’t to bad. Emily was becoming a pretty girl and we starting to receive attention which they knew that I was sort of the package. Emily was also a girly girl so as her best friend I would give in and indulge her in girlish activities. This included things like nail painting and hair braiding. As well as many other things and little did I know that was just the start.
A lovely result and teaser of how it started. Really looking forward to learning about your Journey and the all the characters we will meet on the way.
What a beautiful start, Nicole and something of a beautifully written synopsis. That Nick should fully end up embracing his femininity is of course a foregone conclusion (though even by his own standards he seems to have outdone himself here) but I imagine the journey to getting to this stage won’t be quite so smooth as that image might have us believe. 

I look forward to reading the next instalment.
Chapter 2
Yes it was just the start as the years progressed Emily eventually pressured me into doing other things like dressing up as a girl, which eventually became a full time things. My big sister Claire really encouraged it said that our home was a dress up home. Although this wasn’t the first time dressing up happened. When we were younger Emily convinced me to play Princess prom dress where we both put on her big sister prom dresses. The story however starts quite some time after that on Emily’s sixteen birthday. We were hanging out in her room when her mom walked in with a surprise. “Emily prepare to be amazed. I got you to tickets for free professional manicures and pedicures today. Happy Birthday!” “That’s amazing mom! Who can I take with me?” “Well anyone dear.” “Can I take Nick?” “Sure as long as he doesn’t mind getting his nails painted. If that’s the case we leave in ten.” “Well Nick get ready and let’s go!” Emily I’m not getting my nails painted. “Why not? You’ve let me do it countless times.” Yea but that’s in private and not in public. “Come on! Please! It’s my Birthday!” Once again I gave in to her. Fine I’ll go but no one better see me!
Sounds like it will be a thrilling birthday for Emily. For Nick, he is very much further along the path than we are used to encountering him here as the private dressing and cosmetics are something to which he has already grown accustomed. Is this one going to be more about him facing the societal demons we all know are out there?
Having the encouragement of a big Sister really helps. Princess prom dress-up must have been brilliant time.
A trip to the nail salon, sheeesh... I can understand how terrifying a prospect that would be. However, it would be lovely to have the nails done to absolute perfection.
Chapter 3
“Who’s going to see you? This is in the next town over and it’s summer vacations. So, you could get gels like I am.” I don’t know about that. I think I’m just going to get clear polish. “Clear polish? No bestie of mine is doing that. You know what? Let’s get matching!” I groaned inwardly as Emily always picked out girly colors. “Come on! It is my birthday.” Emily fluttered her lashes. Fine but after that we head straight home. “Straight home!” We got in her mother’s car and we drove to the mall in the next town over. It was about thirty minutes away so I wasn’t too worried about anyone from school seeing us. Before too long we had arrived and Emily’s mom dropped us off. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Emily take my credit card and do some shopping after but don’t go to crazy.” “Don’t worry mom I won’t!” She took the card and we were off. Emily pulled me by the arm into the nail salon and handed them the tickets. “For the both of you?” Emily nodded and the cashier looked at us both but said nothing. “Follow me.”

We followed her to the back room and my first thought was that at least it’s secluded. “So what are you guys thinking for colors?” It’s her choice I said. Emily took a little while too chose and let me just say that I wasn’t surprised they were both a girly design. “For the both of you?” “Yup” she chuckled and said okay. I knew why she was laughing but I was doing it for Emily. The whole process took an hour and I was horrified with the end product. “Oh my god I love them! Don’t you?” I suppose I said. “Oh come on. Don’t be such a boy! Come on girl hold them out for the world too see!” I sighed and did what she asked. “They look great! Now come one we got shopping to do.” I thought that we were going straight home. “You heard my mom we still have another hour.” She pulled me out into the mall. “Look a prom dress store! Let’s go there!” Emily you don’t need a prom dress. “Yes I do we’re juniors now. Come on girl friend let’s go! Maybe even you can try on a dress!” Emily no! Not in a store. She didn’t take no for an answer as she pulled me into the store. “Hi we are looking for prom dresses!”

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Gosh poor Nick is nicely being pushed along by Emily. I looooove those nails. Let's hope the assistants at the prom dress shop will be as helpful as the salon. Looking forward to finding out.
She is certainly getting him involved- and what better time to visit a prom dress store than when he already has the nails to match?  Wink
What a wonderful story. I love the setting and background in Chapter 1 and how things are evolving already in the following Chapters.

Your writing is always so good!
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

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