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Still Petticoated into Adulthood
Hi everyone, I hope everyone is safe during this pandemic.

I was wondering if there are any sissies that at are still living with or lived with their mothers into adulthood.  I read, in another website, of two sissies who had. I was just wondering if this has happened with PDQ sissies.

Much love

Sissy Sallyann
It’s a yes and no here. I suppose technically I did initially in the sense that I was still at home aged 18 but the introduction of a full time petticoating regime, albeit the reason that I have become the person I am today, meant that I left only a few months after (in spite of discovering my femininity I never really went in for the sissy route as described here but aimed to make myself as feminine as possible on an independent basis). 

That said, in the early stages of the pandemic, my sister and I were called home as mother didn’t want to be alone for an extended period, and I became reacquainted with petticoating for a number of months then.
I was still ‘petticoated’ until I left home at 16, including being put back into nappies.

But, to be honest, I quite liked dressing as a girl by then, and even nappies and other baby things I secretly enjoyed.

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