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Forced to cum in his nappy
The boy woke up and looked around the room he was in. His head was spinning, and he didn’t recognise where he was. The room was pink, and decorated with pictures of princesses and fairies. Sunlight was streaming in through the thin curtains, which were also pink, and decorated with characters he recognised as being from the movie ‘Frozen’.

As he took in his surroundings he also became aware of what he was wearing. His legs were splayed, and he couldn’t get them together. And on his upper body he could feel something very light and delicate, with bits tickling him round his neck and arms.

“Oh my God!” he thought. Lifting up the pink duvet his worst fears were confirmed. He was wearing a big thick nappy, frilly plastic baby knickers and a little baby doll nightie.

Slowly he recalled some of the events of last night. He’d dumped his girlfriend and gone to a bar in town to pick up someone new. Just a one-night stand, nothing serious, just a bit of fun. He remembered talking to this woman in the bar. She somehow reminded him of his girlfriend, but a bit older and more mature.

As he was piecing these things together the door to his room opened, and in she walked – the woman from last night.

“Ah! There you are, babykins. Wide awake!”

He struggled to focus. It was definitely the woman from last night, but why was she calling him ‘babykins’? Had she put him into the nappies and baby doll nightie? She must have – how else would she know? His thoughts were interrupted by her coming over to him and pulling back the duvet, fully revealing his highly embarrassing ensemble.

“My my!” she smirked. “You do look cute in your nappies, don’t you? And you’re probably wondering what’s going on. After all, it’s not every day a teenage boy finds himself dressed as baby, is it? I bet you haven’t even worked out who I am yet, Nicholas, have you? Well, perhaps this will help jog your memory.”

With that she opened the bedroom door again, and in walked Rachel, his erstwhile girlfriend.

He went to pull the duvet back up over him to hide his humiliating baby clothes, but he was cut short by the woman barking at him “Don’t you dare!” He instinctively froze at the sound of this commanding woman. “You’ve thoroughly embarrassed my poor daughter, dumping her by text, without even the decency to tell her to her face. What were you thinking? No, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know. Well you’ve embarrassed her, and now you’re going to find out what embarrassment really is. So you may NOT pull your duvet back up to cover up your babyish nappies, frilly panties and pretty nightie. We’re going to have a good look at you.”

The boy tried to speak. “I’m very sorry, Mrs Waring. I really am. Please let me out of these clothes and I promise…” But once again she cut him short. “Be quiet!” she snapped. From now on you will only speak when you’re spoken to, and to make sure, you can have this in.”

Mrs Waring produced a big baby’s dummy and pushed it into the boy’s mouth. “And if that comes out for any reason, and reason at all, I shall spank your bottom, is that clear?”

His eyes widened in fear, and with his dummy preventing speech, Nicholas could only nod his head.

“I’ve spoken with your mother, and she’s horrified by your behaviour. She’s agreed that you can spend a week here learning some manners. You’ll find that if you’re good, your situation will become eminently more bearable. But if you’re naughty, rude or disobedient you’ll find yourself across my lap for a spanking, or having your mouth washed out with soap, or maybe even being pegged by poor Rachel. Do you know what ‘pegging’ is, Nicholas?”

He meekly shook his head. Both Rachel and his mother grinned. “Well, you’d better be a good baby, so that you don’t have to find out. Now, you’re dressed as a baby girl, and you probably think that’s as embarrassing as it can get, but I can assure you that’s not the case. You’re going to learn what real embarrassment is, so that you never ever think of embarrassing another girl in your whole life. So tell me, what do you think could be more embarrassing than being dressed as a baby girl and your former girlfriend and her mother seeing you?”

Nicholas really couldn’t think of anything more humiliating than the situation in which he found himself, and even if he had been able to, he wouldn’t have been able to articulate it because of the big dummy in his mouth. He made a few pathetic whimpering sounds, which brought giggles from the females, and then slumped back onto his pillow, feeling utterly defeated.

“Well, young man. Firstly, we can hardly keep calling you ‘Nicholas’ when you’re clearly dressed as a baby girl. So from now on we will call you ‘Nicola’. That’s a nice name, isn’t it?”

The boy whimpered again, but if he was trying to say something it was completely unintelligible.

“Nicola, last night you were looking for a quick thrill after dumping poor Rachel. So now you may have your quick thrill. I want you to cum in your nappy. That’s right, here in front of us, while we watch. Quickly! Get on with it.”

The boy stared at Mrs Waring and Rachel. Oh how he wished he hadn’t dumped her, hadn’t gone to that bar, hadn’t met her mother, hadn’t found himself dressed in nappies and frilly baby knickers… So many regrets. He was brought back to earth with a bump as Mrs Waring again told him to cum in his nappy if he wanted to avoid an even worse punishment.

He couldn’t quite imagine what could be worse than being forced to cum in his nappy while they watched on, but he didn’t fancy finding out.

He reached down and started to rub the front of his baby knickers. He could feel his face burning with shame. He’d cum with Rachel any times, but always with her rather enthusiastic participation, never with her just watching. And never with her mother watching on. And never in a nappy.

To his surprise, despite his abject humiliation he did feel himself start to stir. He closed his eyes and tried to shut out his audience and concentrate on what he’d been ordered to do.

“That’s a good baby, Nicola!” chirped Mrs Waring. He carried on, rubbing harder and harder, pressing his hands against the cool material of his baby knickers, forcing the thick bulk of his nappy against his now throbbing cock. He moved his hand down a bit so that the pressure of his nappy was against his balls, and before he knew it he could feel he’d reached the point of no return.

He closed his eyes again to shut out the image of Rachel and her mother watching him debase himself. He arched his back, and thrust his legs in the air, bringing his knees up to his chest, putting further exquisite pressure from his nappy and tight plastic baby knickers on his balls.

As he started to spurt he sucked harder on his dummy, oblivious to the laughter of the females watching him, oblivious to the humiliating figure he cut, oblivious to everything except his urgent need for pleasure.

He came powerfully into his nappy, and he bucked his hips two, three, four times before he was fully spent.

Only when he was done, and sank back into the bed, did he fully realise what he’d been made to do. He’d cum in his nappy, after being told to do so by his former girlfriend’s mother, while they watched.

Mrs Waring and Rachel were still laughing at him when he’d finished.

“Good baby!” declared Mrs Waring. “You can stay in your soiled nappy while we go and have our breakfast. And after that, if you ask very nicely, Rachel will change your nappy for you.”

With that they left, leaving the boy with his baby knickers chaffing on his thighs, and his nappy quite damp and sticky at the front, to wonder what else they had in store for him.
I love this start to the story. Extremely vivid images painted with words. Can't wait to find out what else is in store.
Well written. I really like stories around discipline like this one. Naughty boys must e punished.
Just with the experience Nicholas has had already, he’ll be sure never to embarrass a girlfriend in the way he has here again. By the time he has endured a full week his proclivities may well have changed altogether.
A very good story, Ali. I trust Mrs Waring recorded the nappy wanking incident and intends using this against Nicola in some way.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   

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