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Goodbye PDQ
It's my sad duty that due to personal reasons I'm leaving the forum. I sent Bill a PM asking him to ban me as there is no way to delete a member's account. He's replied, however there is an issue, which needs to be resolved before he can go ahead with the ban.

I want to try and put my past behind me, I no longer wish to be part of anything that is related not only what this forum, but also the subject in general. 

I shall not be returning so it's goodbye forever.
You’ll be welcome back any time, Tiffany. I wish you well in resolving whatever personal issues you may have.
I figured out how to delete accounts but left this post to see if anyone else wants to leave and have their account deleted as well .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Bill, I think that most people that want to just leave a group just stop logging in. If someone wants to tell people they're leaving there's more to it than just leaving.
Would be helpful sometimes if the person could discuss why they are leaving. I say that with compassion.

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