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Humiliated in front of my sister's friends.
It wasn't uncommon for me to be put back into nappies, and be dressed as a baby girl when I was younger. And it was almost unbearably humiliating.

First there'd be my nappy, after a liberal coating of baby lotion on my bottom. Then there'd be the plastic panties, and often tights too. After that it might be a little baby dress, or perhaps a t-shirt and skirt.

That was humiliating enough. But sometimes it was even worse. Sometimes it'd happen before my little sister got home from school, and sometimes she'd bring a couple of her friends home too, and then they'd see me. They'd laugh at a boy being dressed in girls' clothes, but then my sister would say something like "wait until you see what he's wearing under his dress (or skirt)".

The first time she said this I flatly refused to show the girls what I had on under my dress, but Lucy told me that if I didn't show them she would tell our mother that I'd sworn at them, and then I'd get a mouth-soaping and a bare-bottom spanking. I felt so ashamed having these kind of punishments discussed in front of Lucy's friends, and had no choice but to meekly comply.

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Blackmail - what are little sisters for, eh? I suppose in this respect I was lucky that my sister was equally likely as I to be made subject of such treatment and so was therefore less likely to push the boundaries (and much less likely to bring her friends home)  Wink

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