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One line childhood memories
Tell us a childhood memory in just one line. I’ll go first:

Nappies sticking to my bottom as I walked because of so much cream being applied.
Intentionally misbehaving in elementary school to get the paddle from a Female teacher I was enthralled by.
Mowing the lawn dressed in a secretary uniform by way of a punishment
Falling for, and entranced by, Christine and Donna's, Aunty Win's and Mrs Maxwell's cardigans and sweaters...
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Walking past a shop window and seeing pink, white and yellow pairs of frilly plastic baby pants and wanting to buy them and wear them.
Playing house with the girl next door, she was Mummy and I got spanked a lot!
Wishing a group of girls at school would overpower me and dress me in a girl's school uniform, just for their own amusement.
There are some delicious memories in here! Anyone else want to share their one line memory?
Being on my knees facing backwards in class talking to people behind me when the French teacher came up and smacked my bottom in front of everyone.
Telling my best friend from childhoods mom that i had kidney stones and needed her help with diapers (even though i had no kidney stones i just always wanted to be her sissy baby) she was delighted and with enthusiasm she ushered me back to her room had me get on her bed she pulled my pants down open my backpack said oo you wipes and powder to ? With a happy tone and she then proceeded to remove my wet diaper and when she saw my how small i was she said "how embarrassing" with a giggle and went on to wipe me powder me and diaper me lovingly then she offered to take me to the store to buy more diapers but i declined cause im such a wussy Sad

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