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Nappy change
Should plastic pants be removed when changing nappies or left around ankles as a badge of shame
So long as they are not wet, down round the ankles, change the nappy and pulled straight back up. Perhaps sprinkled with a little powder around the leg holes and waist.
An interesting question and not one I think we’ve had before. When I was subject to nappy punishment myself the fact I was wearing and using the nappy itself was mortifying enough that the method by which they were changed was not at the forefront of my mind - I was only bothered that the opportunity arose for them to be changed.
My mother used to leave my plastic baby pants round my ankles when I was having my nappy changed. I always found that an extra humiliation as the way they then restricted my movement was a constant reminder of my predicament, as if I needed any reminder in the middle of a nappy change.
I think having the plastic pants pulled to your ankles or your knees is more shameful as you know they are going to get pulled straight up over your fresh nappy after.

Danni xx

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