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Nappy change
Should plastic pants be removed when changing nappies or left around ankles as a badge of shame
So long as they are not wet, down round the ankles, change the nappy and pulled straight back up. Perhaps sprinkled with a little powder around the leg holes and waist.
An interesting question and not one I think we’ve had before. When I was subject to nappy punishment myself the fact I was wearing and using the nappy itself was mortifying enough that the method by which they were changed was not at the forefront of my mind - I was only bothered that the opportunity arose for them to be changed.
My mother used to leave my plastic baby pants round my ankles when I was having my nappy changed. I always found that an extra humiliation as the way they then restricted my movement was a constant reminder of my predicament, as if I needed any reminder in the middle of a nappy change.
I think having the plastic pants pulled to your ankles or your knees is more shameful as you know they are going to get pulled straight up over your fresh nappy after.

Danni xx
My wife/mommy Marianna usual leaf my plastic baby pants round my ankles when having my nappy changed. It restrict my movement and reminds me that i am stil a little baby who needs his cloth diapers. After the diaper change the best feeling for me is pulling the plastic baby pants up over my very thick diapers and the sound and feeling excites me very much.
Since plastic panties dry quickly especially with a quick wipe out, they can usually be reused right away. Keeping them around the ankles does restrict movement and knowing they'll be pulled up over the fresh cloth diapers in really humiliating. For those reasons I'd say keep them around the ankles until the change is done and then put them back where they belong; around the sissy's diapered bottom.
Plastic pants around your ankles in between spankings makes you shuffle back and forth to the corner, and if they are a bit damp, then a fresh nappy will soak up whatever is there. It also means that your legs are controlled when you are over a Mummy or Daddy's lap for a spanking, or when your legs are in the air for a nappy change.

Plus plastic pants are only for one thing, to keep your soggy nappies from wetting your clothes. It's not like there's any other reason to wear them, except that you are a naughty soggy bedwetter that can't keep big boy (or girl) undies dry. They crinkle and rustle to remind you what you are, even if the smell of powder or the feel of your nappies getting damp and sticking to your sore spanked and creamed bottom didn't already.
Having to shuffle around with your plastic pants round your knees or ankles, with your nappy removed, or pulled down if you’ve been put into pull ups, and your bottom all red from a spanking, is deliciously humiliating.
I find it particularly humiliating, the feeling of the wet elastic around my thighs from the plastic panties, when I don't get a complete change. It's like Mommy knows I'm just going to be wetting again anyway so why bother with fresh panties?

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