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Very cute floral dress worn by Kid Cudi on SNL
Loved seeing SNL this weekend and a man rocking a cute floral dress.

[Image: Eyq0qvGWUAMih9g?format=jpg&name=medium]

So, as much as some of us might want dress wearing by men in public to become more acceptable by society, is that something that you personally would want to see? Would such a thing detract from the current delight and thrill of doing so (assuming that you are not already able to pass reasonably well as a woman)?
It is something I have very often advocated for. I see it as part of a wider package really where men are brought up to care more about clothing and appearance and less about the masculine interests that they have done previously. A lot of the world’s problems (certainly a lot of its violence) are perpetuated by men and creating a generation of men whose main concerns are broadly in line with those previously the domain of females would surely make for a better society. I also think far more males than would ever care to admit it would like to engage more with their feminine side but the doctrine of society prohibits it for most so making this more acceptable could only be good for their mental health. 

That said, I do like seeing guys in dresses such as in the photo shown too.  Wink

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