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Wanting to try nappy discipline
Did you try it, Danii?
I have been really busy with life but, yes I have tried it. I found that I ended up in timeout quite often which was inconvenient. I have also had to do creamies when I didn't really feel like it and I have also ended up in night nappies a few times also when I didn't want to. The daytime nappy trigger words have not been seen and heard yet. The thing is, the discipline is actually working. I feel a little nervous when reading and watching TV in case the words appear and I feel the randomness of it all is keeping me focused more.

Danni x
I so love this whole idea! heh, could you imagine last year if you chose "Person Woman Man Camera TV"?

Every time you watched the news you would be so punished!

Hmm, with the Olympics coming up... choosing some weird sports that you don't usually hear about. Tae Kwon Do, Weightlifting, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Pommel Horse.

"And now we'll leave the pool, and cross to the Rhythmic Gymnastics, followed by Pommel Horse. Later tonight, Tae Kwon Do and Weightlifting 100kg division"

And there we'd all be, squirming and groaning because we now have to be in thick nappies, rubbing and humping to make stickies in the nappies that will be staying on until morning, with extra crinkly plastic pants, tights and onesie, our extra big dummies strapped in as well and a bib.

By the time the night is over we're all soggy, sorry, smelly little naughty toddlers.

Next morning, we turn on the TV again, having finally showered and cleaned up, eating breakfast when they say,

"And now the results from last night. In the Rhythmic Gymnastics, the US team..." and it begins all over again!
It’s a lovely game, isn’t it?

I don’t tend to have fixed words for fixed things. I have five things that can happen to me, and five trigger words. The first time I hear any of the trigger words, I do the first thing on my list, which is almost always “I think you’d better have a happy on” - words that have always struck dread and shame into my heart.

Then the next trigger word, whichever one it is (but it can’t be one that’s already been heard) means the next part of my punishment happens. Usually that’s “You’d better have a pair of your baby knickers on too. We don’t want any leaks when you wet your nappy, do we?”

That way you don’t get told to put on your tights, or make a little sticky mess, before you have your nappy on.
That’s an interesting way of going about things - so you have a routine of sorts rather than a series of random events. I wonder what the rest of your routine might consist of?  Wink
My routine depends how I’m feeling.

A nappy and baby knickers are almost always the first two. Then it can be tights, or a dress, maybe an extra nappy or soaker pad. If I’m feeling really naughty I might ‘make’ myself put some ice cubes up my bum, or perhaps a frozen Mars bar (exquisitely uncomfortable - you should try it!).

Then there are actions, like drinking two baby bottles of milk, or orange squash (a great diuretic), so that although I never ‘force’ myself to wet my nappy, it becomes inevitable. The Mars bar always has a specific effect too, as it melts, which I shall leave to your imagination.

And if I’m feeling really daring I ‘make’ myself go and sit in one of my windows, where a passer by might just see me.
Does it work with any chocolate bar?  Big Grin
Ali, that’s an interesting routine.
Girlygirl, I imagine it would work with any choc bar but Mars would give a special consistency.
Yes, Girlygirl, I think it works with any chocolate bar of about that size. Refrigerated instead of frozen is fine too. But it has to be cold so that it’s solid enough to push in.

It tales me about half an hour before there’s an uncontrollable reaction.

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