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Wanting to try nappy discipline
(04-28-2021, 01:11 PM)Danni Wrote: I agree. I think we want things to happen but it is on our terms. If say, you were relaxing watching TV and were suddenly told it's time for nappies and you really don't want it, then that is control and discipline. The fear that this can happen at any moment is what keeps us under control and well behaved.

Danni xx
If you want to try imposing such random fear and discipline upon yourself you might try setting some random alarms a period of time in advance and just start a period of nappy time whenever they happen to go off.  Wink
Oh wow. The thought of that scares me because I know there will be times I don't want to wear nappies. But maybe the experience will do me good.

Danni xx
The other thing you could try, Danni, is setting yourself some trigger words. I don’t have anyone who can tell me it’s time to have my nappy on, much as that would be lovely.

So what I sometimes do is write down five words. Then I write down five punishments. So one punishment might be ‘back into a disposable nappy’. Another might be ‘plastic baby pants too’. A third might be ‘Deep Heat instead of baby lotion’. The fourth might be ‘put on my snap-crotch onesie’ and the fifth might be ‘you’re going to be put into your white baby tights’.

Then, during the day or evening, each time you hear or see any of your words, you have to carry out that punishment. You have no choice, it’s been decided you must be punished. Whatever you’re doing , you have to go and carry out your punishment.

It’s just like being punished as a child again.

Of course, the words that you pick, and what you read or listen to, determine how likely it is you’ll end up in a nappy and baby knickers with a onesie and tights on and a very stinging bottom.
That’s very cunning, Ali - I like it. Words like ‘platitudinous’ you could probably go your whole life without hearing but pick words like ‘and’, ‘the’ and ‘it’ and one would spend their entire life in perpetual punishment.
Damn! Platitudinous is one of my words! I’d better go and put my nappy on ☺️

It sounds like a good idea but I am not sure what words to use and I wouldn't want to end up in nappies all the time. I am currently having a lazy day and am wearing a terry nappy with plastic pants under PJs. The bulge is very obvious and the thick feeling is a constant reminder that I cannot be trusted to stay dry. Not so much discipline but a day of feeling like I used to when I was young.

Danni xx
Your little experiment hasn’t put you off completely then.  Wink  

I suppose the words you would choose would be based on how often you would like to be in nappies and what your environment is. With respect to the latter, as an air stewardess the word ‘passenger’ features multiple times every day but the same cannot be said of most fields of work.
You can always have a couple of dry runs, if you’ll forgive the pun.

Just pick five words and see what would have happened. I usually like to start with a word that has something to do with what my mother used to say when I was going to be put back into nappies, such as ‘naughty’, ‘discipline’ or ‘punishment’.

I also like to have another word that has something to do with nappies like ‘wet’, ‘fill’ or ‘cream’.

I find it quite thrilling using associated words. It’s as close to actually being told you’re going back into nappies as possible on your own.
It does sound thrilling but I am also a little scared. I tried putting a list together but I used a couple of words in places because I couldn't think of single words that would work for me.

Naughty = 10 minutes in the corner
Padded = Night nappies
Too old = 6 hours daytime nappies
Fresh cream = Creamies
Ruined = Ruined orgasm followed by wearing knickers

I may not have the idea right and it may take some time to get it right. I don't watch cooking promammes so I am a little safe with Fresh Cream... Haha

Danni xx
Sounds like you have a promising start there, Danni - do let us know how you get on.  Big Grin

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