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Wanting to try nappy discipline
One thing it made me realise is that I spend too much time wearing nappies and having fantasy thoughts. I would spend hours in wet nappies playing with myself and wasting the day and then feeling guilty and ashamed about it after.

By playing with myself first and doing stickies and then going into the nappies, it had the reverse effect and I felt ashamed right away and had no thoughts of it feeling arosing.

It was actually quite an uncomfortable experience and if I was told if I was caught playing with myself, I would get a day in nappies, I think I would think twice.

The threat of wearing nappies in public is very scary to me. I have worn in public before but it was on my terms and I wore the right clothes to conceal the nappies. If someone else choose the clothes then it would be a different story.

And, yes I would experience the nappy discipline again to make sure I stay more focused.

Danni xx
Clearly you want to wear nappies for discipline but I think you're taking it too fast if you're also experiencing post orgasm experiences of self disgust.  This isn't unusual - there are many people who don't conform with cultural sexual norms who have similar feelings and battle with it all their lives.  However, putting yourself in the position where you have those negative feelings for 6 hours is just going reinforce them as you experience them again and again and the only way to stop it is to take your nappy off.  

I'd suggest that you wear a nappy, enjoy it as usually do, and after your orgasm, think about how much you've enjoyed wearing it and how good it made you feel.  If your negative feelings start to take over, think of something else in your life that's made you feel good and positive. After a few minutes, take your nappy off and get on with the rest of your day.  Maybe the next time, do the same, but this time go and do something small but constructive and positive, still with your nappy on.  Make your bed, sweep the floor, make a cup of tea, and then take your nappy off.
I do enjoy wearing nappies at times. I like to relive the humiliation I had as an older child in nappies. The humiliation of not being trusted with grown up underwear is kind of exciting to me. I have had these feelings since I was around 9 years old but at the time I did not associate it in the same way. In my mind, the humiliation was crossed with loving care and I thrived from the extra attention I would get. I guess I felt special and extra loved.

The experience I am wanting now, is where I have to wear nappies at times and have no say in the matter. Its for my own good because I can't always be trusted to keep my bed or pants dry. The feeling of control sends waves of excitement through me but as soon as I do cummies, I feel disgusted. This is why I am trying to do cummies first as it gives me the no choice thing when wearing nappies.

I am wearing nappies today but not because I feel excited but because I decided that today it will be relaxing and convenient with not having to use the toilet. I also feel naughty at the same time. I'm sure others here can relate to these feelings.

Danni xx
Glad to hear it’s going well, Danni.

I love to recreate my humiliations from my childhood too. Many of my outfits I have now are very similar to what I was made to wear as a child. I ‘force’ myself to wear them now, and it brings back all that (now) exquisite humiliation.

During lockdown I could sometimes spend several days in nappies, forcing myself to use them, just like I sometimes had to as a child.
That shame and embarrassment is something that I now actually really have learned to love. Especially if a Mummy or Daddy or Nanny have reduced me to a childish, soggy, locked and plugged and spanked naughty toddler.
I think lockdown had one benefit with that we weren't suddenly going to get disturbed by people suddenly turning up at the door. This perhaps gave us a little more confidence to wear nappies without the fear of being discovered.

I can understand wanting to experience the humiliation by wearing clothing that is similar to what you wore as a child while undergoing nappy discipline. For me, it was only at night I was made to wear nappies so seeing a thick nappy under pyjamas and watching TV feels shameful and exciting for me, especially when I remember sitting that way in front of my siblings. I also remember my wetting being discussed with my aunt where I would pretend to not know what was being talked about and would carry on playing. 

I sometimes like to imagine that I couldn't be trusted to stay dry during the day and I was therefore nappied at times. The feeling of the nappy between my legs is a constant reminder that I am too old for nappies but it has been decided that I am actually not mature enough and it's better to be safe than sorry.

The part I am missing in my life is that I do not have anyone to randomly tell me I am going into nappies which means I only wear when I feel like it. I quite like the idea of someone being in control and deciding that for me. Lots of times I won't feel in the mood to wear them but if I am made to as discipline and just in case then that's another thing. I would also like to feel the humiliation and mocking from not being able to stay dry and someone saying to me that most are out of nappies at a young age which means I must still be a baby.

Danni xx
In terms of being in the mood to wear them, you could try drinking a significant amount of liquid (a regular tool of choice by my mother during discipline) which will at least force you into a choice between the inconvenience of having to use the toilet regularly or using a nappy or if done at night, the choice between spending half the night on the toilet or a much better night’s sleep.
If it is something you want it stops being a form of discipline in a way .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
(04-25-2021, 06:42 PM)Bill Wrote: If it is something you want it stops being a form of discipline in a way .

Yes and No. I have always wanted to be kept like a character in one of my or Bobby's stories. Locked, plugged, spanked, nappied, even um, sissied, even though being sissied is not something I have ever tried. But when I have been kept in that condition for longer than a day, it's almost a punishment itself.

I still want what is being done to me, but I so want it to stop just for a short time. It is definitely a form of discipline to so want what is happening, but also so wanting to decide whether it happens.

Losing that control and knowing I can't change it makes me incredibly submissive and little and naughty.
I agree. I think we want things to happen but it is on our terms. If say, you were relaxing watching TV and were suddenly told it's time for nappies and you really don't want it, then that is control and discipline. The fear that this can happen at any moment is what keeps us under control and well behaved.

Danni xx

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