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Wanting to try nappy discipline
Reading the replies makes this seem scarier than I was thinking. I think you are right when you say there is a difference between liking the idea and it actually happening as punishment. When I was younger I knew I was in my night nappies all night and it wasn't ever really questioned as, as children we just follow the rules. As an adult I think it's harder to accept certain things and we fight against it more.

I am going to try and discipline myself today and I am going to take the idea of doing stickies as soon as I have my nappy on and then stay in it without any toilet privileges. I am going to set a time of 6 hours as a starter and see how it goes.

Danni xx
Good luck Danni! If you can force yourself to overcome the shame of making a little sticky mess in your nappy I think you’ll find that relatively quickly you’ll find yourself just accepting that you’re in a nappy - a bit like you used to when your mother put you into nappies to go to bed.

Let us know how it goes!
I'd sure love to hear how your self-imposed session went.
Okay here's how it's going.

I did stickies just before 12pm and then the nappies went straight on. I used a fitted terry nappy with a microfiber insert so it's quite thick. I then added pink semi transparent baby knickers and then put on a pair of PJ's as nothing else would fit,

During the time I was putting the nappies on, it felt inconvenient and like a chore I didn't want to do but I kept with it and did it. It's only been 45 minutes out of my 6 hours and already I feel ashamed, a little miserable and a bit put out. The constant thick feeling between my legs and the bulge in my PJ's reminds me that I am under nappy discipline.

It's not an exciting feeling and I feel a bit empty inside but I'm going to see through the 6 hours.

Danni xx
Best of luck, Danni. Six hours should give you some idea about whether it is something you want to pursue further, particularly if you make a point of using them in that time. 

I look forward to your analysis later.  Big Grin
Here's an update on how it went.

After an hour or so, I wet my nappy which then generated some heat. A while later, the heat from the baby knickers were making them stick a bit to my inner thighs and it felt a little sweaty. Sitting a in thick wet nappy for a while starts to feel like you are sitting on something other than just the nappy as you can feel pressure points and perhaps a little bit of numb bum unless you move around a little. I wet several more times and there were no leaks but the nappy was visibly sagging and the heat generated was like having my bum in a greenhouse. Quite convenient that I could just wet myself but also it felt like I couldn't be trusted with normal knickers anyway so I had no choice in using my nappies.

I wouldn't say, I felt excited for the 6 hours. More of a feeling of that I want to get this wet nappy off but I knew I couldn't until my time was up. Taking the nappy off was like a breath of fresh air... Literally. As I took it off and the cooler air hit my bum, I let out a little gasp of relief. Then it was a case of hopping in the shower to clean up.

I don't think I would want to be in nappies all the time, especially with thick terries as they are so obvious that you are wearing nappies.

Danni xx
It sounds like you had a unique experience - certainly that it proved to be an effective punishment regime. Having experienced nappy punishment on countless occasions when younger I can certainly relate to and sympathise with much of what you experienced. 

Do you think this will alter your relationship with nappies going forward?
I think the punishment taught me how silly it is to like nappies and want to wear them when they can be so uncomfortable at times. But the switch in my head tells me the nappies are also a way of coping and I often feel relaxed when I wear them. But that is because I am excited and later get a realease. When it is done in the reverse with a release first, its another story.

So, in that sense I would say it has changed my relationship with nappies.

Danni xx
(04-10-2021, 07:10 PM)Cindy Wrote: It sounds to me like you may benefit from a pair of locking plastic panties and a timed lock. That way you don't get the choice to change until the time is up. Imagine yourself sitting in a wet, messy and sticky diaper and checking the clock to discover you still have several more hours to go.

All that and then lacking the freedom to go out in public spaces because the diaper and cover can't be covered except by clothing of an equally humiliating factor.

And you thought that the Virus was a only quarantined restricted masked wearing problem ! ! !

AND don't forget your PACI bottle and favorite play toy bunny bear whatever

You did have an escape plan I hope in case of a natural disaster - you didn't - Oh Boy the plot thickens and gets mushy wet !
That's a really interesting account. There is certainly a difference between the fantasy of diaper discipline and the reality. I am quite sure that you've had a lot of thoughts since your experiment. Would you ever want to try it again? If you had no option and were forcibly confined to diapers, would it be a real behaviour changing punishment for you? Would the threat of diaper punishment make you behave?

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