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12 Days of Christmas Day 10
When he awoke he was in his floor bed in the spare room. One of the nurses from the previous day was standing in the doorway, looking down at him with a severe expression on her face. 'Up you get. Time for a purification cycle. We need you to get back on track'.

He tried closing his eyes and wishing her away. 'Oh no, no. IT'S WHAT YOU NEED'.

She uttered the words in a particular tone of voice. Affectionate and commanding at the same time. 

He instantly snapped out of his sleepy state. He felt wide awake, but anxious. He looked up at the tall, muscular, beautiful nurse towering above him. He felt weak and helpless and scared. 'Hop hop LITTLE BUNNY'. 

Again the tone. He felt an overwhelming compulsion to do as the nurse said, and quickly. As he followed her to the bathroom, watching her large powerful buttocks rolling under her nurse's skirt, he felt powerful emotions ripple through him. She was so strong. She knew what was best for him. He really should do what she says. 

He found that he was very aroused. His nipples and the area around his plug were tingling. He was hearing a diaphanous silky robe, which swished against his hairless body, and the front was pushed out by his erection. He found himself rotating his ass as he walked, to accentuate the sensual feeling if the plug. 

The nurse took off his nightie, bent him over the bath and administered the first enema. As the nozzle went in, she bent over him, and in the special tone, she said 'REMEMBER'. 

At once he started to remember what had happened to him the previous evening - the clinic; the electrodes attached to his head, neck, wrists, nipples and other sensitive areas; the tubes attached to a hollow butt plug, a hollow mouthpiece and a tube over his defect;  the tight rubber suit covering earbuds and goggles; and the Shell - a large water tank in the shape of a shell filled with body temperature water, which closed leaving him floating in the dark. 

He remembered the way he lay in the warm water, with nothing but his heartbeat in his ears, and then the way the familiar waves began the hypnotic messages playing over and over. The Women's voices with their looping messages of female superiority, lesbian love, how the only way for a male is to be weak, obedient and docile.

Augmenting the hypnosis tape were the physical sensations of the rubber suit, the tubes feeding into and out of him. The electrodes started to generate low level electric pulses that moved in sync with the sounds and the insertions. 

Gradually he found he could see. The goggles started at first to show lights, which gradually resolved into images and video clips, many of them familiar - the jogging ladies from the GWorld health program kissing, the severe facesitting Woman, the pretty girl from the shop, the kissing girls by the river, and her. His wife, mother, mistress. Her. Smiling, playing at the beach, talking on her mobile. 

He had absorbed the first enema, and the nurse stood over him as he evacuated. He felt such shame as she looked down at him, a disdainful look on her handsome face. 

Then he was bent over again, with the nurse inserting the nozzle. This time it was larger, and she took her time inserting it with a series of pulses. When at last it was in, all he could think about was the pain of the enormous object inside him and the edge of pleasure he felt in the hypersensitive nerve endings around the rim. 

'Good BUNNY' said the nurse. 'First time with the number 4 nozzle. We are making progress. The DOCTOR will be pleased'. 

Once again he felt small and afraid. He kept having flashbacks to the severe Facesitting Woman, sitting on her throne, watching the dancing girls. With each flashback he felt fear and memories of pain, of electric shocks and excitement. His body started to quiver as he arched his back and the liquid flowed into him. 

After the third enema, this time from a medical bag, the nurse showered him down, dried him off, put him back in his nightie and face panties and inserted the number four plug. She led him back to the bedroom, and quite gently laid him in the bed. 

She fastened his wrists and ankles the each corner of the bed with silken chords. He could not move, but only look helplessly up at her. After putting his earbuds in, she put on some rubber gloves and while he settled down listening to the familiar sound of  the soothing waves, she started rubbing cream into his nipples and then his erection. 

She proved to be very skilled at this, bringing him close to orgasm, but always stopping or slowing down her movements. 

The two voices started their discussion, this time about the new Government proposal for all males to be ‚Äėregistered' and¬†¬†to have a female 'nominee'.¬†

The supposedly pro male voice was saying how it was good for males to have the stability in their life of a Woman who officially looked out for them, be it a family member - mother, aunt, sister, cousin, even daughter - someone from their workplace - or girlfriend or wife. 

The other Woman jumped in, saying that as usual the Government proposals didn’t go far enough, and that a nominee is really an owner, and that’s what they should be called. 

The nurse stopped her ministrations and left the room as the trance tape continued, and he drifted off. 

The day passed in what seemed like a return to 'normal'. 

His 9th day present was a corset, which the nurse helped him into. She insisted it be tighter than he thought he could bear, but when he started to protest, she just said 'but BUNNY, the DOCTOR wants it nice and tight', he once again found himself quivering with fear and weakness, the scary images of the severe Facesitting Woman flashing through his mind like fireworks. 

He was in no mood to resist the 10th day present, which was a nails and make up kit. 'Magda will help you with those. She's an expert' said the nurse, flatly. 'Time to do the housework now'. 

It was hard to do the housework in the corset, with the huge plug constantly pressing inside him. What made it worse was the nurse standing over him, frequently shaking her head or tapping her heels, and saying just one word. 'Again'. 

After the housework was done, the other nurse, Magda, joined them for lunch. Both ladies had a large meal while he was allowed a small bowl of seeds and alfalfa on the floor at their feet. 

After the meal the large nurse left, and Magda turned in the tv, and started to trim, buff and polish his nails, feet and hands. 'You'll have to learn to do this for yourself, and also for your Nominee' said Magda, smiling kindly. 'You'll be wanting to get registered as soon as possible. They are doing some terrible things to unregistered males.'  

After the nails were dry, Magda made up his face, finishing with a very light kiss on his made up lips. 'Much better, sweetie. You won't have to wear face panties if you are in full make up, although I still think you should. Now let's watch some GWorld!'

Has his resistance been broken once and for all here? They certainly have some great techniques and have had him eating out of the palm of their hands here.
It looks that way! 2 days to go for all to be revealed...
Lovely, can’t wait for the big reveal.

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