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Present to be asleep
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Another dilemma
You might want to read ‘The Dilemma’ before you read this, as this one follows on from it. 

Another night on your holiday with your sister and cousins, and your mother has decided to put you into panties and a little nightie, and send you to bed early. It’s a punishment for being mean to the girls when you were all out that afternoon. 

When you get home your mother starts to prepare the evening meal, and asks your Aunty if she’ll take you upstairs, put your knickers and nightie on for you and put you to bed. She agrees. 

Your face is bright red as you trudge past the girls, everyone knowing the humiliating fate that awaits you. 

After you’ve brushed your teeth you return to your room, and you Aunty duly strips you naked, then holds out a pair of knickers and makes you step into them. They’re pink, with a little rosebud on the front, and white lacy trim round the legs. She pulls them up and lets the waistband snap against your tummy once they’re in place on your bottom. 

Next she makes you raise your arms, and she slips a pink nightie over your head. It only comes down just below your bottom, and it has a picture of Minnie Mouse on the front. 

Then, in just your nightie and knickers, she puts you to bed. It’s six o’clock, and you’ve had no supper. 

When your Aunty goes back downstairs you can hear her talking to your mother. 

“Thank you for doing that, Jane” says your mother. “Was he difficult when you popped his knickers on him?”

Your Aunty replies that you were pretty good, considering that you’re a boy being made to wear girly knickers. 

“And was he okay when you spanked his bottom?”

Your Aunty says she didn’t realise you needed a spanking too, and your mother explains that she always spanks you before putting you into knickers. 

“Never mind,” she says. “We can go and give him his spanking now. Unless he’s already asleep. I don’t want to wake him up just for a spanking. If he’s asleep he can have his spanking in the morning, and then he’ll have to keep his knickers on for a little while afterwards, as his bottom will be sore and his knickers will be softer and more comfortable than his boys’ underpants.”

So, here’s your dilemma. Do you accept your spanking now, knowing that it’ll mean having your knickers pulled down and going across your mother’s lap, and that it’ll then be hard to sleep with such a sore bottom?

Or do you pretend to be asleep, and hope that she’ll forget to spank you in the morning, but know that if she does remember you’ll not only start the day with a sound spanking, but that you’ll be in your knickers until at least lunchtime?
I think I would be more likely to weigh the impact of a good night’s sleep more heavily for this one than for the nappy one as while wearing them for half the day would not be ideal, I would at least retain toilet privileges.  Big Grin
You probably would retain toilet privileges, but you would have to sit like a girl when you go, as per the rules. And if you have to wear knickers then you’ll have to wear a dress or skirt too, and the girls will know exactly the reason why.
That is true. In that case it is probably more of a toss up. If it was my actual family then they all knew that I was regularly petticoated anyway but presuming that isn’t the case here, perhaps it would be worthwhile sacrificing some winks.  Wink
I voted now to get it over and done with.
But if you pretended to be asleep now you’d not only have a good night’s sleep, in your nightie and panties, but maybe get away without a spanking in the morning if your mother and auntie forget...
Are mother and auntie prone to forgetting such things in your scenario? - it wasn’t really my experience when under such regimes Wink
I must admit my mother rarely forgot anything at all.

On more than one occasion we’d be out and I’d do something she didn’t like, and she’d say she was going to punish me when we got home. Every time I hoped she’d forget, but on the incredibly rare occasions she did forget, there was always my sister to remind her.
I would take the spanking that night like a good little mommy’s boy.

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