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Stories through cappies

Hi peeps,

Been experimenting with cappies as I think they are a great way of expressing a story without too many words, so much so now that I have a whole collection now at Fetlife, feel free to check them out  my fetlife user name is dvinasartspace.
That is a great start, Davelo, and quite amusing too.  Big Grin I think given that he is already dressed for it, we can take it as read that he will be attending the party.  Wink
The ole saying a picture (cappie) is worth a thousand words -

says it all !

Tells the story in very short order without going through an encyclopedia volume of words !
That is why comics in newsprint are so welcomed !
I like the pic and love the cap!
Lovely! Imagine the poor boy’s feelings. Just when he thinks being put into a pretty girls dress and knickers is the most humiliating thing he can imagine, he’s told his knickers are coming off and he’s going back into nappies!

And I’m sure the little girls at the party will find out about his babyish underwear.
We’re back to that game of Twister again, I think - he has no chance.  Wink

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