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Bra fittings
Have any of our members had a bra fitting? Did you go by yourself ? How did it go and where you a little uneasy having it done? Do you wear your bra at home only or do you sometimes where it in public. My wife Ms Mommy L took me and I will relate that story later.
Well yes - but only since I started identifying as female so there isn’t a huge amount to tell. I can’t wait to read your story, though.  Wink
Never had a bra fitting but would love to read about it.
pantywaist husband, i've never gone for a bra fitting and have only ever been given to idle speculation about the possibilities. If one were to schedule a bra fitting for humiliation, it would be one thing, and if one were to schedule a bra fitting to get just the right bra and be "up front" with the sales associate(s) about why the bra was an important part of the wardrobe, that would be something else entirely. As someone who shops almost exclusively in thrift shops, whether for clothing or lingerie, one never knows what's available, and so i have purchased all kinds of bras and usually just enjoy wearing them, regardless of whether they are the "right bra for me." There's a learning curve, to be sure, and i've watched hours of bra reviews and tutorials online, but what i like about wearing a bra is that my "size" is not "carved in stone" as it were, and, depending on my mood and/or outfit, can be any number of sizes, especially when using breastforms. I have always had home made forms, and at present have small and large forms, so that's how i adapt to whatever bra i select. Also, wearing a bra without forms, really heightens my feeling of Femininity and connects me with the World of Women, at least in the privacy of my own home. Really looking forward to hearing about your experience(s) as you and your Wife have so many great experiences to share here on the forum.
(03-31-2021, 05:13 AM)Hi HPantywaist husband Wrote: Have any of our members had a bra fitting? Did you go by yourself ? How did it go and where you a little uneasy having it done? Do you wear your bra at home only or do you sometimes where it in public. My wife Ms Mommy L took me and I will relate that story later.

This is an interesting topic on several levels. 

I noticed a year or two back that a different forum carried dozens of posts on the same topic, posters claiming to have gone into a store demanding a fitting in order to live out their fantasies at the expense of the sales assistants. 

These low paid workers are forced to act in a helpful and warm way regardless of the embarrassment caused to them by male customers. 

On a positive note. I have been using the same lingerie stores for years, both independent and marks and spencer. The sales associates are used to male customers, they recognise regulars who are probably purchasing for themselves. 
This was how I had my first - I was offered a fitting. 
Most times now the conversation is ‚Äúwould you like to try it on or have you had this style before?‚ÄĚ

There is nothing wrong with a man purchasing or having a fitting for a bra wether they have a need or not if they act in a way not to embarrass a person who is simply trying to earn a living.
A few years ago, my mistress decided that I should wear bras on a daily basis and she wanted me to get my first bra fitting. We drove to Cologne. Cologne ist a city with a large lgbt-communinity, so we assumed that the shop owners were open minded.

In the first lingerie shop we went in, the owner didn't want to sell female underwear to men. "Lucky me!" I thought and hoped for a likewise experience in other shops. But no luck for me! In the second shop the answer to the question of my mistress was "Yes, of course! What kind of bra do you want? And what colour do you prefer?"

The saleslady measured me, my wife took my D-cup breastforms out of my backpack and after a few minutes I left the changing room wearing a pink bra with silicone tits in it!

It was so humiliating!

But the worst humiliation was yet to come! The saleslady asked, if we wanted matching panties as well and my mistress answered: "There's no need for that. His panties are made out of plastic and rubber and fit nicely over his diaper!" I never felt so ahamed in my life! It was very obvious, that the saleslady approved such a treatment of men!

We went on and bought a dress and a nightgown for me in a department store. I was relieved my wife didn't ask any employee to help this time!
I had a bra fitting today at Victoria's Secret, I went there to get some new Boy Short Panties, I also thought if I saw a bra I liked I would ask if I could try it on for size. I told the saleswomen that I was looking for Boy shorts and she directed me in the back of the store where I selected the the Boy Short Panties I wanted, everyone was so helpful and polite they even helped me find a Garter Belt I was looking for, I paid for everything with my Victoria's Secret card and the lady behind the counter asked me if there was anything else I wanted I told her no having been to chicken to ask about trying on a Bra. I left and walked around the mall for awhile and thought why didn't I ask to try on a Bra? Obviously I was buying these panties for myself and they knew it, Why not go back and ask to try on a Bra. So I decided to Girl Up and put my big sissy panties on and ask if I could try on a Bra. So I went back and asked the Saleswomen who helped me find my Garter Belt if I saw a Bra I liked if I could try it on, She said of course I could. I went back to look at Bra's and there was another young lady that came up to me and asked me if I was looking for a Bra fitting I was a bite surprised by that but told her that I would like to be fitted. She took me in back by changing rooms asked what kind of Bra I was looking for then she measured me. unfortunately Victoria's Secret does not have a Bra that would fit me. I didn't leave with a Bra but I left with a incredibly intense experience that I would recommend to anyone.
Awww, what a sweet story!

Go you for girling up!!!
(08-30-2021, 08:02 PM)Melissa123 Wrote: Awww, what a sweet story!

Go you for girling up!!!

 Thank you Ma'am !! Shy (curtsey)
I tried for years to get a Bra fitting, all the big box stores said no way.
I finally found a place in Chicago called Bra's Galore. They advertised Bra fittings for men.
I called and made an appointment, early on a week day. I parked in front of the place, and was
greeted by two ladies. One was introduced to me as my fitting assistant.
She put me in a fitting room,measured me up, and brought in 3 bra's for me to try on.
After about an hour or so, I had 3 Bra's that I liked. Yes it cost me about $150.00, but to
me it was money well spent. I now know how to fit myself, as I buy through a catalog or on Line. 
Most Big Box stores do not carry my size  ( 52-C ) so on line I go. Smile

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