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sissy girls journey
(09-17-2021, 05:50 PM)Kimmi Wrote: Sissy,

Believe me, I understand.  You would have made a lovely and wonderful wife.

Your partner would have been so lucky.

It's taken me a lifetime to appreciate that I too was born to be a girl and should have been a bride and wife.

You would have been so pretty in your flaring dresses and petticoats!

Kimmi girl,

Your so sweet, yes I would have loved it.

(09-17-2021, 01:47 PM)sissygirl 2 Wrote: Hi girls,

I just wanted to add a few more observations on my last post.

I think the cute guy that pm me was actually fascinated by my pink patent pumps, they had a pointy toe with a nice slim high heel I would have been lol, I hope it was more than that lol.

Ok more serious now, when I would be dressed up I truly felt all girl and could think of nothing else talk like a girl walk like a girl wanted my purse with me all the time wanting to buy more dolls, you get the picture I truly felt like a girl and I loved it, well not long after this charming man pm me and I never told my gf about it but anyway I told my gf I’m having feelings of possibility meeting a guy I don’t know if it would be a date or just meet and talk or any of that really not a clue just the girl in me wanted to meet someone and I wanted her to be there like a chaperone, well she gave me a weird look and I’m not sure exactly what she said but just from her look it was a no and she expressed in her words as a big no too and that was the beginning and the end of that little talk, just needed to put it out there never talked about this until now.

I just wanted to add one more thing, now I know what your thinking you sissy just one more we doubt it lol.
The gf who dismissed any 3rd party participation but when we got hot and heavy me as usual all dressed up my gf and I would always have some kind of dirty talk and being some of it involving guy’s like sissy you are so pretty let’s find you a boyfriend and I would say something like and if he comes over do I have to kiss him, gf saying you better missy or you’ll be sorry, just real fun naughty talk I loved it she loved it but to put it into reality no way, just another sissy girl flash back.

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