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sissy girls journey
(04-10-2021, 10:27 PM)sissygirl 2 Wrote: Now sissy when you walk head up just like your the proudest girl in town hands down by your side now pay attention sissy arch your hands up like this fingers together and just swing your arms just a little like this now you try it sissy, it felt like I was waving to the ground, good girl now when you walk you put the heel of your Mary Janes to the toe of your other shoe that’s how we big girls walk it’s very feminine it’s called heel to toe sweetie just try walking in a straight line follow the line on the title floor and  take normal steps I know sissy it’s a lot to remember that’s why we girls practice, practice and more practice, ok sissy let’s see how my little girl does, mommy was right it’s takes some concentration, I was just a touch overwhelmed but after a few steps I was getting better with each step oh my gosh I was walking like a big girl it felt so amazing it was like my girl side was kicking in and taking over it felt so girly good a whole new feeling I could feel my hips sway just a tiny bit but it put me over the top I’m a girl I wanted to tell mommy so bad as I turned back to mommy, oh my sissy your doing so well sweetie your just a natural girl give mommy a big hug, as mommy hugged me she was so happy, sweetie I’m so proud sissy you are truly my little girl could you feel your hips sway a little while you were practicing your heel and toe, yes mommy it felt so girly, well sissy I’ll tell you a big girl secret you can sway your hips as much or as little as you want for what ever mood your in, if you feel real sassy and you want others to notice you more sway your hips a lot and for a proper primed girl just like what your doing and you’ll look like a confident little mommy’s girl now do you understand little missy just be careful you don’t want all the boys staring at you, or do you sissy mommy giving me a wink, no mommy of course not, just having a little fun talk sweetie, ok sissy let’s practice some more let’s keep your head up shoulders back and just relax a little, I’m sorry mommy I was looking at my shoes making sure I was walking like you told me, I know sissy if you need to look that’s ok sweetie before long you’ll be walking just like a girl and it will just be like second nature sweetie now move your little fanny, the next 20 minutes or so was perfecting my girl walk with mommy correcting me when needed, after a few  minutes I was thinking yea a little work and a lot of practice...
Life is definitely different when mom decides that there is nothing wrong with you dressing as a girl. It's one thing if it were just the occasional dress or skirt that is a hand-me-down from your sister, another entirely when you are getting your own wardrobe. When you get your first bra, that seems to be the clincher. Nowhere else is there such a powerful symbol of the feminine as the bra. A dress? You might point to the tunics of old that men used to wear. A skirt? Point to a kilt. Panties? Well, boys underwear is similar. Nothing, but nothing seems to scream you're a sissy like that training bra, from the little lace to the pastel rosebud between the cups...
True to mom’s word I did seem to spend a lot more time in my Mary Janes adorned with my frilly socks and other girl things, mom was considerate to me around friends and family for the most part to not embarrass me which thank you mommy that took away most of those darn butterflies even though more than not I was wearing my girly panties all the time.
Mom would have a little fun with me outside the house in public sometimes she would have me wear a very lite pink nail polish or lipstick always telling me, don’t worry sweetie nobody will know it’s so lite, but sometimes it did get a second glance like when mommy would call me sissy in public, mom did have a smile knowing some could tell or hear and I must say I kinda in a little embarrassed way I found it a little exciting too I don’t know why but leading up to it mommy applying the lipstick or nail polish or both at home and being in the car was a very exciting feeling but then getting out of the car oh my it was a very nervous feeling funny thing I started getting used to it even though I was very nervous I was a little excited too, mommy would always say, see sissy it wasn’t that bad, I guess so kinda sometimes you can pretty much convince yourself of anything. 
By now I was pretty much wearing my Mary Janes at home all the time which of course I truly loved it so did mommy as she would just have a smile that would say that’s my little girl, sissy your walk is so girly, I’m so proud of you sweetie, I smiled back at mommy she always reassured me when I was wearing anything girly.
Almost all my dressing like a girl was kept at home then one Saturday morning sis was gone I was playing around the house in my boy clothes wearing my Mary Janes when mommy called out, sissy get mommy’s purse we have to run to the grocery store for dinner tonight, ok I just have to change my Mary Janes, no sweetie you’ll be just fine let’s go, but mommy everyone will stare I’m dressed like a boy wearing little girls black patent Mary Janes, now look young lady mommy has some barrettes for your hair which is a little longer than normal boys have with  some pink lipstick very few people will notice or  even care you’ll be just fine, but mommy, no but mommy me, would  you like your purse too will that make you you feel better, with mommy looking at me with that matter of fact look, no mommy please I’ll be a good girl I promise...
Wow terrifying for sure at the time but with hindsight a thrill to be brought out like that by Mommy.
(04-16-2021, 09:47 PM)afp Wrote: Wow terrifying for sure at the time but with hindsight a thrill to be brought out like that by Mommy.

It felt like when I almost got caught with my sister’s Mary Janes by my sis, terrifying for sure followed with a big rush, now at the grocery store it was 1000x’s it felt surreal the rush was that strong, it was definitely wild.

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