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sissy girls journey
(03-30-2021, 11:02 AM)afp Wrote: Yes I totally understand that wonderful feeling you got kissing the toe of the shoes. I first experienced it too at an early age to not understand it but loved it. Don’t know if it’s a fetish or not. Does it matter, I mean it does not deminish it.

You’re right it doesn’t matter, because if you really love something it could be considered a fetish glad we cleared that up fetish or not I just loved them.
I know my sister’s black patent mary janes are just so pretty I couldn’t help myself, sis didn’t wear them much to begin with I guess she felt they where too little girl look for her they looked new just a little  dusty the first time I had those beauties in my bedroom I wiped them down and I was in love so shiny and girly pretty.
Hi girls,
I was wondering if this ever happened to you girls, Just going back in my school days I think at age 9 4th grade  I was developing a few girl tendencies and one I had and not really realizing it was walking like a girl but I  never thought about it until one day walking down the classroom isle this boy said you walk like a girl it echoed in my little girl head took a few more steps and thinking to myself I am walking like a girl what a moment of self reflection.
I wasn’t upset or anything I just felt different at that moment just caught off guard a little, well by now at home mom was teaching girl educate to me when she could, mainly when my sister was not at home, mom would inform me your sister is going to the movies Saturday afternoon and you young lady need to practice walking like a proper girl I knew what that means by now and was really looking forward to my lessons,  it was a little work and a lot of practice lots, but practice makes perfect mom would always say, waking up Saturday morning was pretty much like most mornings except I had girl lessons which I truly love and not math thank you mom it was so much more fun I was looking forward to it all week like a boy getting a new bike.
Mommy popped her head into my bedroom come on sweetie breakfast is ready looking past me a beaming smile came across mommy’s face seeing my barbie doll sticking out of my purse I was just going to say I’m  putting my barbie doll away when mommy said come on sweetie you can play with your barbie doll later followed by you are such a girl what I’m I going to do with you, sometimes you just have to bit your lip and put on a happy face,  before leaving mom informed me sis is in the kitchen eating breakfast that was me and mom’s secret code for come to breakfast in your boy pj’s.
To be continued night girls.
I love the idea of Saturday girl lessons from Mommy, please do tell more.
sissygirl, Luv hearing about your experiences. You certainly have a knack for writing and bring your memories of these experiences to life. And while there are many themes that are just right for a TG fiction story, the fact that these are more autobiographical makes them even better. Thank-you for sharing this part of your life with us, and just know that some (ME) might even be a tad jealous at not having had the opportunity for 'girl lessons' with Mom!
Hi girls,
Thank you so much for the kind words, it was a long time ago and this is the first time in my life I’m telling my story, most of it was just like yesterday but to make it sound like one continuous event i do have to fill in some of the blanks with i think this is how I remember it, it’s just been so long ago I can’t remember every thing, time and dates are the hardest thing to remember and then sometimes it makes me remember something that was buried deep inside and I would say to myself oh yea I remember that.
Trust me girls writing is not my strong point and for me it takes time for me to put it down on paper and not sound like a cavegirl lol look I made a funny, I’m so happy you enjoy this as much as I enjoy reliving it, it was some of the best times in my life.

Hi girls, just one more thing I want to tell you, I think the main reason my mom had such a strong mother daughter bond with me is that my sister was a jock now I know now why my sister’s mary janes looked new and dusty and I remember she really never did dress or act all girly I loved my sis but I think my mom being a girly girl she missed that special girl time so turning to me as her kinda new daughter mom was enjoying it all with me and sometimes even a little over the top, I’m like a little girl detective lol.
It is great that you were able to share so much with your mom in this way and whilst it may seem unconventional to the general public, it is something that many on here can well appreciate and have personally benefited from.  Big Grin
Walking into the kitchen mom gave me a quick glance a with a warm smile, I know mom was looking forward today as much as I was, that exciting feeling felt like it was swallowing me up just knowing I’ll be wearing my black patent Mary Janes, it started a couple of months earlier when mommy was tucking me into bed this was one of mommy’s favorite time of night as mine too I was always so excited I was tingling,  tucking her little girl in bed handing me my lipstick to put back in my purse my barbie doll on my pillow like she was really sleeping with me, mommy can I tell you something of course you can sweetie said mommy looking into my eyes knowing I was a little nervous I’ve been in Sara’s closet, yes sweetie mommy said in a soft voice, I know I shouldn’t have been playing with her black patent Mary Janes I just find them so pretty I couldn’t help myself I’m sorry mommy I did put them back at that moment I realize oops, mommy had that thinking look for a second mommy looked into my eyes asking you took them out of your sister’s closet, I knew it was time to spill the beans one I needed to get it off my mind and mommy would know if I was fibbing yes mommy I did, and what did you do with your sister’s Mary Janes I took them to my bedroom and played with them like when I play with my Barbie doll, mommy breaks in with a little distant in her voice your sister never did wear them only once and I must say I was a little disappointed mommy continue on did you like them, yes mommy, why sweetie you can tell mommy, there just so pretty and I wanted to wear them so bad mommy and feel what it was like to wear pretty little  girl shoes  it was like I couldn’t stop talking I’ve been holding these feelings for awhile I couldn’t help myself, mommy stopped me you wore the black patent Mary Janes I bought for your sister, shaking my head yes, did you like your sister’s shoes, yes mommy, why said mommy, they make me feel so girly inside I blurted out I love them too mommy , oh sweetie mommy’s not mad that’s wonderful my little girl is growing up and they are just so pretty now I see why you love them without skipping a beat mommy asked me would you like your sisters Mary Janes as your very own,  oh yes mommy, mother saying to herself she won’t miss them focusing back to me and you promise to love and take care of them like your barbie doll, yes mommy with a squeaky voice I was so excited, wait right here young lady said mommy moment’s later mommy came back with those beautiful little girl shoes that I truly love so much sit up I want to see how they fit, having my mommy place my black patent Mary Janes on my feet it was the most excited I ever felt and mommy could see it and just having some fun, sweetie mommy is going to have you wear your little girl shoes tonight in bed and sleep with them on, and wear them all day tomorrow do you understand  and no taking them off understand young lady or you’ll wear them to bed every night for a month and it won’t as fun as you think giving me a wink, I could only shake my head yes I was spinning inside.
I’m sorry girls I got a little sidetracked I promise I’ll finish  ( girl lessons ) did you see my avatar it’s my little girls clutch purse that I love and play with.
Hi girls,
I had to laugh about this, mom always liked having fun, jokes playing a trick on you in a cleaver way it was just her good nature, I tried too but I was no match da I was sitting in the kitchen when mom came in she was going to get her nails done of something like that, she was putting on her clip-on earrings and of course I was watching interested in anything girly, mom was looking at me is there anything you need, no mom I was just checking out your pretty earrings, mom said yes aren’t they so pretty and there magical too, magical I said, mom said yes they will make you do anything I say, no way mom, ok she said when I tell you to stand you tell me no and stay seated ok sweetie stand up, I shook my head no, sweetie stand up, kinda chuckling inside I said no mom, now watch how magical my earrings are mom came walking over to me while unclipping one earring she bent down and placed it on my ear lobe squeezing that clip-on earring I was so caught off guard form the pain then I heard mom stand up babe I shot straight up mom was laughing see I told you they were magical, saying in a low not so happy voice funny mom funny.
She was the best mom ever.
(03-31-2021, 04:57 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: It is great that you were able to share so much with your mom in this way and whilst it may seem unconventional to the general public, it is something that many on here can well appreciate and have personally benefited from.  Big Grin

Girlygirl,You are so sweet , I love it.

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