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Barbie, friends and Ken
Since I heard that Barbie had several female lovers, and if not exactly coming out, she was extremely 'open minded' I wondered what really went on Chez Barbie...

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Very insightful and fun caption sequence.
Some lovely captions there, Bonzodoug. Nice to see Ken well and truly under Barbie’s thumb - and you can’t argue with the end product.
These are very clever. Smile
(03-28-2021, 05:14 PM)Cindy Wrote: These are very clever. Smile

Thank you! I’m old enough to remember that Barbie had a UK copycat called Cindy. I wonder if she enjoys similar arrangements?
I’m quite sure she will have done.  Wink There was another fad which I recall briefly emerging called ‘Polly Pocket’ - frankly the mind boggles.  Big Grin
WE GYNARCHIC DOLLS are through with 'men' -
So now to PLEASE US pretty Ken
Daintily curtsy in your maid's skirt
And serve US... or you'll feel OUR QUIRT.

Don't cry - tears only prove you more a SISSY
And if your make-up runs...
WE'll have to spank you MISSY!

HEY now WOMEN let us share some KISSING
And show OUR male maid what "she's" missing.
Then after WE'll send KENDRA for some snacks -
And award "her" bottom 40 more whacks!

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