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A Chastity Poem
We couldn't find a MCD that fit
What to do with my tiny sissy clit?
It was such an awful distraction!

My orchids such an awful burden
Mommy took me to a surgeon
A Superior's act of love and compassion

No more worry about release
Always such joy and peace
Mommy's little sissy treasure

My orchids in an urn
My new life had begun
Chaste and Pure Forever!

Mommy tells the tale
Of her emasculated male
When her friends come to call

Without a moments hesitation
She recommends castration
Chaste sissies One and All! 

Note:  I am actually not castrated, but at one time my Superior did a lot of research and seriously considered it.  Has anyone else contemplated castration as a permanent solution to ensure chastity?
Very well written poem but never considered that solution.
Brilliant poem, Geri and an unbeatable solution described therein.  Big Grin
What a delightful poem! It even tells a full story. Thank you for sharing this.
It’s a delightful poem.

I think the effect of castration would be to remove much of the frustration that is necessary for the female-led relationship to be effective. Whilst I have been trained to be much calmer sexually over the years through chastity, there is still a build up of tension leading up to my ever infrequent releases that underpins everything about my situation and the fact that I am controlled. I don’t think I would want it any other way.
After several years deep critical thinking about this, I do believe it is the correct route for me

Meeting with a Latin Dom who lives here in Dublin this very afternoon in fact to discuss him taking an active role in the process

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