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Nightwear for sissies
When it is time to go to bed what do members like to sleep in that is feminine? I will answer this what mommy likes me to wear after I get some nice girly remarks.
Baby doll nighty
I have lovely pink gossamer summer pyjamas given to me last Christmas by R. I await my winter set Smile
I sleep with a dummy in my mouth most nights. A recent addition but it's getting to the point where I almost can't do without it.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
I wear short satin nighties in the warmer months and nightshirts in the winter. Always with satin panties.
I wear long satin nighties
The shorter, the better!

Something that makes that cute ass of hers, peachy and plump!
Footed jammies!
I slept in my footed Jammies last night but they are very warm and this room is always warm.

The superior young female I am talking with wants me diapered for bed every night.

Tonight I am and wearing my diaper onsie buttoned at the crotch but I also have a sissy pink baby doll.
Babydolls only for my sissy hubby!
YES Baby Dolls is it - easier for those diaper changes - nothing gets in the way of a clean change job !

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