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Shopping for panties
Do you sissy members shop for your own panties or shop on line? Do you tell the salesgirl they are for you? What is her reaction? Do you feel comfortable shopping  and to do you feel a little embarrassed. I will answer this question when l get a few responses. Thank you Millie.
Hi Millie I can only shop for my own.
I’m not brave or lucky enough to do anything but online.
I tried going into a shop but bottled out.
(03-22-2021, 11:02 AM)afp Wrote: Hi Millie I can only shop for my own.
I’m not brave or lucky enough to do anything but online.
I tried going into a shop but bottled out.
Hi afp if you were married to my wife -Ms Mommy L you would go and buy panties and tell the salesgirl who they were for.If you refused she would administering a punishment where you would not be able to sit comfortably for a week.
When shopping for Womens wear (always en drabbe), i go to the store and purchase what i want, but don't usually say anything about who the items are for, just pay and go.
I got to Asda (supermarket chain in UK) they have nice full brief knickers that are lacy and fit me nice (and inexpensive).  

I do not make any comment when I am there though at the checkout etc I just buy them and leave and most staff just are not bothered (I get some odd looks now and then wondering around lingerie department like I am some kind of axe murderer feel like telling them to chill out it is just a pair of knickers lol).

Philipa x
Ms Millie

Some are bought by Mistress either online or at a local lingerie shop. These are always the more outrageous ones. Ultra frilly, made for sissies, with no cotton gusset, just silk or nylon smoothness to caress my pain globes in their restraints. These are for social occassions or visits to the doctor or my physio, as She wants to ensure that my submission to Her is understood.
Everyday panties, in lace and bikini cut are purchased by me in Asda, M& S etc.
Early on, to reinforce my submission and humiliate me, we often went to M & S lingerie department, where She would hold up panties, bras, suspenders, nighties etc to me to "check the fit".
I was always required to ask the cashier if I could pay for my lingerie.
Nowadays I buy my own, subject to MIstress approving the style.

I have posted the event on here but to reiterate, I assigned my son a complicated task go shop in the women’s clothing dept for 5 pairs of feminine panties that were to be for him.  
I gave him some instructions like to make sure they were his size, all different colors and styles, etc.  
Once he understood  the assignment I left him to shop.

-Val.  Heart
-Valerie   Heart

The day will soon come when frilly, ruffled and lacey panties will be stocked in the men's section of local department stores alongside socks, t-shirts and Dockers.  I have filled out suggestion cards at my favorite stores making such a request.  I encourage  everyone to do the same.  If we would all work together towards this end your question will become mute.
A bit of both really. I do enjoy shopping in person and make an effort to when I can but my job means that it isn’t always practical. That said, in my homeland at the moment on line shopping is really the only option anyway.
He really should start wearing them regularly. It would be a shame otherwise.

For guys, femininity gets mystified, and so they fall for some idiotic and nasty ideas. Letting him get used to elements of femininity should be helpful in curing that.

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