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The dilemma
(04-01-2021, 06:06 PM)Fairy Larry Wrote:
(04-01-2021, 11:28 AM)Fairy Larry Wrote: Even though I hate wearing diapers and plastic baby panties, I would choose the option of wearing them and sitting with everyone else. Being put on display with a warm bottom seems much worse to me. At least the diapers hide everything I don't want to display.

You know, I have given further thought to this question, and I've come up with this. If I had been in Mommy's place, I would have made the punishment more extreme. After making my choice of diapers, I would be dragged by the ear into the next room where she would dress me in bulky cotton diapers and ballooning plastic panties. Over that would go a snug-fitting one-piece sleep suit in a nursery motif that left the diaper bulge obvious to all. A baby bonnet would go over my head, and a pacifier in my mouth. Suitable punishment for a brat! I would have to waddle back into the room holding my favorite teddy bear, and cringe when the girls erupted into laughter over my silly appearance. I would be required to sit between the girls who would have fun teasing me all through the movie. When it was over, I would stand in front of everyone and apologize for my bratty behavior. "SOB! SOB! Ah'm thorry ah mithbehaved. SOB!" Then, a good-night kiss from everyone before going to bed. This sort of experience is something I would not easily forget. A reminder of how actions have their consequences. And isn't that the point of this treatment? Sad
An interesting thought, Fairy Larry. In a way this is sort of like a blending of the two punishments. Not only do you get the nappies but you then also display yourself (albeit while dressed) to apologise. It would certainly influence one’s choice.

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