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A Part Time Job At The Leggings and Boots Boutique: Sweet Sister Bratty Boss Story
A moment that Nick hopefully look back on wondering what he made such a big fuss about. I do wonder what more might be asked of Nick once they have him dressed though - surely he’ll be deemed suitable for some extra ‘responsibilities’.  Wink
Chapter 17
I took off my clothes in the dressing room as Claire stood behind me. “I would put on the leggings first.” I took her advice and I pulled the leggings up my legs which sent an erotic shock through my body. The shock traveled too my penis as it expanded into the panties which caused a small bump too form in the leggings. “Wow you like them!” I do not Claire! “That small bump is telling me otherwise, but it’s not that big but still any girl can spot that out. Especially your big sister! Now put on the bra which you will need my help doing.” My sister help me with the bra as I struggled! I hated how tight it was. “Now the top!” I put on the long top as it went down to just above my knees. “Now the boots which you know how to put on and then we will go show the store.”

I zipped up the boots and it felt final as I looked down at my legs and I saw them encased in leggings which caused my little bump to get a bit bigger. Claire looked on in amusement. “Omg you really like all this! You like being forced to dress as a girl!” Claire I promise you I don’t! “You don’t have to promise me anything the facts are facts now go show the store!”

We walked back out to the store and Miss Emily was waiting with her hands on her hips. “Perfection minus a few things or two but we will fix that over time. I’ll be back tomorrow for your next outfit and don’t think about deceiving me I’ll know!”

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A very cute outfit indeed and a fun chapter to read. Nick doth protest too much hahaha Wink
If that’s a genuine picture of Nick he has nothing at all to worry about  Wink It sounds like he best get used to it either way as it will be but the first outfit of many.
Chapter 18
Is she really going to come back every day? “If I would have too guess then yes she will.” Miss Sterling you have to do something. “Do I? I can’t do anything! The store can’t take a lawsuit! No you’ll have to deal with Miss Emily on your own. She’s your problem now!”

I couldn’t believe that Miss Sterling said that but I had too believe it as it was reality as she walked away from me and went back into her office. Claire and the other girls were staring at me. “I can’t believe that just happened!” “Me too you let that girl Emily walk all over you!” “Yup and now you’re stuck wearing leggings and boots everyday.” I didn’t let her walk all over me! I was shocked! “We’re you? You seemed to enjoy calling her Miss Emily!” I didn’t know what else to do. “You would have said no.” Claire you weren’t me in that situation! “Well now you’ll have another one at home later. Remember what mom said?” She wouldn’t do that! “Oh yes she will!” “What did your mom say?” “She said that if Nick ever comes home in leggings and boots he will have to have his makeup, nails, and hair done at all times!”

“Oh my god your mom is hilarious! We should take him to the salon!” “Yeah Claire let’s do it!” “Hold on girls he is still my brother I just can’t take him to a salon.” “Sure you can! Your mom is gonna make him do it any way!” “No she’s not! I’m going to let him change tonight before we go home.” “You’re no fun!” “Yeah he should be calling you Miss Claire!” “Now now girls! Nick go change!” I began to walk away. “Wait say yes Miss Claire!” Yes Miss Claire I said and the girls laughed!
I like the way it’s going, I mean, Claire standing up to the others taunting is to be admired, but it’s for a little show as it’s reinforcing Nick’s confidence in her authority.
Chapter 19
Claire why did you make me do that? “Oh give me a break! You’re lucky your changing and you should be calling me Miss Claire! I’m your big sister after all!” I sighed as she was right she was my big sister. “Now change!” Yes Miss Claire I said. “You will call me Miss Claire from now on.” Yes Miss Claire! “You will also wear leggings and boots whenever I want!” Yes Miss Claire! “Good now get changed and we can leave!” Yes Miss Claire I said and we left the store and I heard multiple giggles as we left!

“Go upstairs and put it all on! I’ll be up in a second!” I began too dress again in my room. Once again as I slide up the leggings an erotic shock was sent to my penis and it expanded. I put on the top and zipped up the boots just as Claire came into the room. “Look at you! My new little sister Nicole!” I’m not your little sister! “Ah! All you should be saying is yes Miss Claire!” I sighed yet again. Yes Miss Claire! “And look at that another expanded penis! That means you like this!” She poked it with her finger. Yes Miss Claire I said. “Maybe I will make you go show mom when she gets home.” Yes Miss Claire and she poked it again. “Yeah I think I’m going to do that and then I’ll think I’ll turn you into a girl.” She poked it again which caused me to expload! It was a sensation I’ve never felt before!
He might have a poker face but he clearly doesn’t have a poker downstairs.  Wink Nick is being dug further and further into his sissy lifestyle helped in no small part by Claire but also his own lack of resistance and dare I say enjoyment with certain aspects of his treatment. 

Whatever will his mother say, though.  Wink
Fun indeed I can’t wait to find out what his mother has to say
Chapter 20
“You know I wouldn’t be ashamed that stuff happens to boys like you.” Boys like me? “Yeah boys who like to wear girls clothes and who liked to be humiliated by there big sisters and other women.” I’m not like that Claire! “Claire? I’m Miss Claire now.” Too drive the point home my sister pinched my thigh very painfully. “So, you’re not like that huh?” My sister continued to pinch me very painfully. I am like that Miss Claire I squealed out. “You’re a boy who likes to wear girls clothes and be humiliated by his big sister?” Yes Miss Claire I said and she finally stopped. All this happened on our drive too work the very next day and thankfully last night she didn’t make me go show my mother. “Oh look Miss Emily and her lawyer are already at the store. I wonder what outfit she will make you wear today.” None I’m going to put a stop to all this. “Ha! Yeah right! Miss Emily walks all over you, and look how powerful her lawyer looks.” She was right her lawyer did look very powerful. That wasn’t a good sign. “Let’s make a bet. If you stand up to Miss Emily today you can quit the store and I’ll pay your rent until you find a different job.” If I don’t stand up to her? “If you don’t stand up to her then you will go home wearing the outfit she picked out and you will tell mom that you want to be my little sister Nicole and work at the store with me forever.” It all sounded like an easy win! What else could Miss Emily do to me? You’re on!

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