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A Part Time Job At The Leggings and Boots Boutique: Sweet Sister Bratty Boss Story
You’re on a roll here. Things have progressed very quickly for Nick and with a new Assistant Manager on the way that is only likely to intensify. I don’t think Nick will have long to wait for his next feminine foray.  Big Grin
Chapter 10
“Well there you go. You’re a permanent panty boy now.” Claire this is crazy I don’t want to be a panty boy. “Well you shouldn’t have worn panties for Miss Sterling.” I had too to get the job Claire. “If you say so. Anyway let’s pack all this on your dresser.” I can’t put these panties in my dresser Claire mom will see them. “No she won’t! We have been doing our own laundry for years. If you do it whenever she’s not home then it won’t be a problem. Just don’t leave the dirty ones laying all over the floor. Besides these panties are too nice to just leave In box.” So, then I watched my older sister put all my boxers in a trash bag and loaded up all the panties into my dresser. Whatever happened to those boxers was a question I keep asking myself. “Doesn’t it feel so great to be a panty boy?” Why would it feel great? “Oh come one you can’t tell me that you don’t like the way that they feel.” I don’t and I can say that honestly. “Oh come on! You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about rubbing your penis into the silk and lace.”

Claire you’re my big sister you shouldn’t be talking to me like that! “Look just try it! I promise that you will love it! Here take off your pants.” Claire I’m not doing that! “DO IT?” Claire’s yelling scared me and I stripped off my pants and stood in my panties. “Good now come on give it a try! Rub your penis into them! Right into the silk!”
Oh my gosh this is cool I think some enlightenment is on the horizon for Nick, although sweet as Claire is there’s a tinge of bossiness which I like as Nick just needed the little bit extra.
Big changes are nigh indeed for Nick. He was at risk of getting too big for his boots just there though - Claire would be wise to perfect the art of intimidation  Big Grin
Chapter 11
I’m not going to do that Claire! No way! I then watch my older sister roll her eyes and quickly reach and grab my penis and begin too slowly rub it. Claire what on earth are you doing? “Shh just be quiet and let your big sister rub you into your pretty pink panties.” I looked down and my penis was slowly growing too it’s petite size as my sister pretty sparkly pink nails had it grow to it’s fullest size. “Look at that! Someone’s little penis is liking his little panties!” Claire you shouldn’t be doing this I said as the feeling was beginning to overcome myself. “Panty boy panty boy whatcha gonna do? Let your big sister play with you!” Her words were intoxicating. Claire we need too stop. “Panty boy panty boy it’s okay. This is something that’s here too stay!” Who was this right now? She didn’t remind me of my sister. “Panty boy panty boy it’s okay. Let’s make you cum today!” With that last rhyme being said I exploded into the panties that Miss Sterling made me wear earlier that day. “How was that?” I was speechless because it felt so good. “Are you going to be a good boy and wear your panties daily?” All I could muster too say was Yes Claire. “Good now go get cleaned up and put on a new pair mom will be home soon.” Yes Claire I said again.

I was silent at dinner when my mom got home. I couldn’t believe that me and my sister just shared that experience together and I couldn’t believe that I enjoyed it. “Well Nick I’m happy that you finally got a job. Even if it’s at a girls clothing boutique. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before you come home wearing leggings and boots like your sister!” Mom why would you think that? That’s not going to happen! “Oh it will happen and I’m okay with it, but if it happens I expect you too hair your hair make up and nails done. Just like Claire!” Mom please no! I promise you this won’t happen. “It will happen and if your going to be dressed in girls clothes you’re going to do it right! If my sons going to be a sissy then your going to be girly and prissy!” “Mom please you’re embarrassing him!” “Enough out of the both of you! Claire if this happens you will be in charge of him. Understand?” “Yes mom”

Later that night we went up to Claire’s bed room too talk. Claire you don’t think any of what mom said is true right? “It could be true quite possibly. If Miss Sterling made you a panty boy in one day it’s only a matter of time!” Claire please you have to stop her! “I don’t know if I can!” Please Claire please! “Nick I do think I can stop her. Honestly I think your best bet is just to give in. In fact I think you should put on a pair of leggings and boots right now and we can go show mom!” Claire no! What are you saying?
Claire has clearly worked out Nick’s weak spot. And with his mother now fully on board his destiny would seem now to be assured  Big Grin
Couldn’t have said it better myself, Girlygirl.
Chapter 12
“What in saying is that you might as well just give in now and show mom, because you know Miss Sterling will do all that regardless.” No I don’t know that. Maybe panties will be the only thing that she does. “Fine you can keep thinking that but don’t come crying to me when Miss Sterling makes you wear leggings and boots for the first time in the store for a customer.” For a customer? She would never do that! “You would think that but if a sale was on the line she would parade you up and down the store.” I just would say no! “Okay then she would fire you and then mom would kick you out and you would be on the streets.” Then I would just get my own apartment. “With what fake money from your fake job, and just for the record. If I had my own apartment and you didn’t have a job you would be wearing leggings and boots and doing all the cooking and clean.” Claire what would be the point? I wouldn’t be working at the store. “It doesn’t matter! It’s the principle of it all. At the store Miss Sterlings in charge and at home Claire’s in charge.”

That was the end of our conversation last night and thankfully I didn’t put on leggings and boots. The panties were one thing no one could see them. Although now that I have to been wearing them I sort of liked them but I would never admit it too Claire or Miss Sterling. I washed and conditioner my hair again like Claire had asked. When I got to my body however I was out of my body wash. The only other bottle in the shower was something called nair. There was nothing else so I lathered up my body with it which came with a burning sensation. I was wondering what the hell was going on until I saw my body hair fall off and go down the drain. It wasn’t body wash it was hair remover! Claire! Claire! My body hair is gone! Claire ran into the bathroom. “Omg did you use my nair? Hahahaha! That’s so great! Look at how hairless you are!” Claire this is not funny! “It is! It’s just body hair. It’s useless anyway. Now stop being a sissy and get dressed for work!”
Oh my gosh I know I’m stating the obvious but his panties and leggings are going to feel different now Smile
Claire is being very clever here. She is putting ideas into Nick’s head regarding the consequences of not following Miss Sterling’s orders. It matters not whether these consequences might realistically come to pass but a great deal that Nick buys into the possibility. 

The trick with Nair was delightful and will only assist in ensuring Nick’s compliance.  Big Grin

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