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While there certainly is pain associated with a sound spanking, the fact is, I do enjoy it. It is comforting to know that someone cares enough to provide the discipline we as sissies know that we need, and deserve. I had an aunt who was quite strict, and I was regularly across her knees, as she saw fit. I needed and craved the structure she provided, and willfully submitted to the authority she had over me. Usually it was her bare hand on my bare bottom, but at times a plimsol. She was firm but fair, and usually soothed my bottom with cold cream afterwards. Occasionally it included corner time, which had an element of humiliation - especially on those occasions when my uncle was in the room. This lasted into my 20’s, but she sadly passed away in her early 50’s. My mother-in-law (now wife) spanks me on occasion now, but it is less forceful, and it is more symbolic of her authority, rather than painful. Much more soothing time afterwards which is always welcome. ❤️

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