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The Spirituality of Petticoating
Although the stated goal of petticoating is to discipline and humiliate the rebellious male ego there comes a time when many sissies, not only accept, but fully embrace and give power to their true feminine nature.  It is at this point that I feel petticoating reveals an incredible and glorious spirituality that is seldom discussed.  While our lingerie, make-up and sweet sissy outfits are an outward sign of our total acceptance of female superiority there are inward signs of spiritual transformation accompanied by intense feelings of peace and joy.  When I finally turned down the loud angry noise of my dark male ego and came to listen to the sweet comforting whispers of my feminine guides I followed them along a spiritual path to a place of true love, acceptance and happiness.  I believe that petticoating provides a gateway where males can awaken and cherish the feminine nature that guides and leads us all.  Is that not the essence of spirituality?  I would love to hear your thoughts!
Wow! And welcome Geri Wells! It would appear you have much to offer all of us here in the Forum. What an articulate, knowledgeable and philosophical letter with insights rarely seen here or elsewhere. Thank-you.
I can fully relate to that Geri and (in my case at least) it came when I was dissolved of any alternative. I was petticoated as a child as far back as I can remember but because it was always done on a punishment basis, my central identity remained male and the pressure from my associates meant that I only ever felt the need to reaffirm this image. 

This all changed on my 18th birthday when mother informed me that to remain under her roof, I would have to wear female clothing full time. The consequence of this was that I had no choice but to change my outlook as the male identity to which I had so long clung ceased to exist. On being disowned by the ‘friends’ I had had previously I came to realise what a lie I had been living up until then. I have presented as, and taken steps to make myself more like a female ever since.
Geri Wells, that is a most enlightened post, thank-you. I agree too with GinaV’s reply. Yes Girlygirl’s reply is an excellent example.
Hiya Geri. What a lovely post.

I’ve been petticoated since I was a child and at first hated it, but grew to love and embrace it. I first went out fully dressed as a girl as my own choice when I was fourteen, and although it was scary, it felt wonderful. I now dress en femme pretty much all of the time.

I’ve never thought of it in a spiritual light, but I do think you’re right. When I’m dressed as a woman I feel somehow complete, in a way I definitely don’t when I have to wear male clothes.

And although I love my sissyish and role play outfits, just a simple skirt and blouse is enough to make me feel wonderful.

I do think it’s a shame more men aren’t brave enough to try it.
Absolutely this. The worst part of that is that far more men than would ever dare to admit this want such freedom but of course they all think they are alone in this and so do not communicate it to one another. This is why it is so important when someone (particularly an influential figure) does express themselves in this way.
Submit to the petticoat,  you know you want to.
(03-21-2021, 10:30 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: Absolutely this. The worst part of that is that far more men than would ever dare to admit this want such freedom but of course they all think they are alone in this and so do not communicate it to one another. This is why it is so important when someone (particularly an influential figure) does express themselves in this way.

Years ago, a friend told me a story about a bar in Ireland that offered free beer for an hour each week if the men showed up wearing panties. They have different theme weeks, wear pink panties, get a discount, wear a g-string and let the female waitress smack your butt get a discount. I was never able to find any details about this bar other than it was opened in the 1990's in Ireland. The reality is most men are followers and if you give free stuff (e.g. beer) they will accept anything even wearing panties.

Welcome to the forum Geri. Your post was lovely and interesting. I would agree there is a spirituality or an awakening for both the brat and mother. Petticoating is more about empowerment for the female as she discovers the benefits of petticoating, for the brat the feel of ruffles and lace overwhelms them and allows the mother to stripe away the facade of masculinity. Once that is gone the brat longs to embrace his true inner sissy. This is when the spiritual journey really begins.

That paints a truly delightful image - I do hope that bar in Ireland existed. As you say though, if we can convince enough men that femininity is the true path, the rest will follow.  Big Grin
Welcome Geri.

What a delightful insight.
I was not petticoated as a child, indeed I had no experience of being dressed until a girlfriend asked me to help her alter a dress. Being tall and slim, she used me as a tailors dummy.
the feeling as I slipped the long velvet dress on was exquisite. I fought to conceal my excitement but she was not fooled for a second. Finishing her pinning, she stoked my stiffy and then asked me if I wanted to try some panties too. I groaned and she took this as a sign to go ahead. In short order I found myself in beautiful silk panties, a bra and stockings and a suspender belt. She then ravished me.
We did this quite often but eventually split up.

I still dabbled occasionally, bought some panties of my own and a skirt and blouse but always felt terribly guilty when I gave in to my craving.
Then I got together with my Mistress. She was a friend and I knew that she preferred women but we grew very close. Then came a sunny summers afternoon at a lovely wood in Surrey with her and her girlfriend, Hazel. We had a picnic and wine and they were very touchy feely with me all afternoon and spent a lot of time snogging each others faces off.
On our return home, Mistress and Hazel suggested we play strip poker. Oh my God! I could not concentrate as things got very sexy indeed, I lost heavily. Soon naked with both ladies in a state of semi undress, I lost again, my forfeit was to put on Hazel's panties. I of course agreed and sealed my fate. As soon as they were pulled up, I got super hard. Mistress then slipped off her bra and put it on me. Then she went to the bedroom and came back with stockings and a belt, which she and Hazel had me in very quickly. I stroked my bulge and Mistress tut tutted and grabbing my arms tied them behind me. I was so excited, so completely turned on that as Mistress kissed me, I spurted in my panties without being touched.
That as they say was that. She and Hazel began my feminization there and then.
I have always embraced her rule and my submission to her is absolute, I adore being feminized, bound, punished and most of all serving her and her various girlfriends.
I have loved every moment of the 44 years since.
I do not know if that gels with you but the many other TVs I have met are all super content.

Sarah and Mistress Carol.

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