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Finding out you are a sissy
How did your wife , girlfriend , or significant other  find out that you had a interest in wearing panties and feminine clothing ? What was the response from both of you. ? I will tell you about how I found out about my husbands interest in petticoat punishment and spanking after l get a few answers. Thank you.
I told my wife, J, on our second date. I had been in a long-term relationship with a woman who was just about tolerant of my cross-dressing up to a point, but didn't want to participate or even see me dressed. She and I eventually split up for a number of reasons, my cross-dressing being one but not a main one of those reasons. After that experience, I decided I wanted to be with someone who would not just tolerate but appreciate who I really am, so I decided that being completely open and upfront in my new relationship was the best policy.
Yes you were brave to bring that out so early in the relationshipsip.Your wife must have loved you from the start and wanted to spend her life you. I looked at your profile and she dresses you in a school girl,that is so sweet. When you are a bad school girl does mommy give you spankings? It seems like your wife is a understanding and keeps the marriage fresh with role playing.
I did everything that I could to avoid petticoating in my youth and actually only really consciously engaged with my feminine side at the point that it started to be applied on a permanent basis by my mother rather than simply as punishment. From there though I have never looked back and today live voluntarily as a female.
Hi I would like to tell everyone about how my wife found about my interest in panties and petticoat punishment.. Well I know for every sissy that this is a very hard thing to do.. I did not have the courage to do it..WELL one night after a foreigner rock concert , my girlfriend now wife came back to my room and found my secret box.. SHE had never been in my motel room or had any idea I was into petticoat punishment and spanking. In the box I had books and videos about petticoat punishment and actual ramba panties with rows of ruffles on the back.                 My girlfriend: So this is what you are into.           Me: yes I have had a interest in p.p for a long time.                                                                               My girlfriend: how long?                                              Me: since I was a.teenager I use to go through my mom's drawer and try her panties and other things on.                                                                     Girlfriend: Oh I see and how about all this      women spank men material.                                    Me: well I acquired the interest in spanking when my mom came home from work and caught me in her panty drawer.SHE turned me over her knee and gave me a spanking.                                      Girlfriend: I am starting to see a pattern here.Where did you get these sissy panties?         Me: from a company called retro systems WHAP Magazine.                                                      Girlfriend: Well I know it is humiliating to discuss wanting to be spanked by women and having a interest in wearing sissy panties.However the fact that we are getting married in six weeks it is not good hiding things from me."Am I making myself clear young man?                                      Me: yes dear.                                                                Girlfriend : Honey I want you to put your little panties on for me. I want to see how they look on you. Don't hesitate do it now.                           Me :yes dear.                                                                   Girlfriend: They really look cute on you . You are a little pantywaist in need of a little training. Me: if you say so .                                                    Girlfriend : I thought I was going to be a wife to you but it looks like I am going to be more of a mommy to my little boy.                                               Me: I really feel quite ashamed will you still marry me?                                                                  Girlfriend: Yes honey but I will be head of household and I have a girlfriend who would be more than willing to help you get in touch with your feminine side . You will be receiving the training once a show her your little sissy books.   Me: OK.                                                                     My girlfriend: Yes I think I need to handle this situation about hiding this material back.." Get across my knee YOU ARE GOING TO GET A SPANKING WITH MOMMY HAND.".              Me: YES dear I am sorry!                                           My girlfriend: I will give you something to be sorry about when I am done spanking you. A sore stinging bottom.                                               For the next 5 minutes the palm of her connected solidly alternating between my butt cheeks. When it was over she hugged me and I was crying, between the spanking and the fact I found a wife and a mommy my emotions just came out.. AS a stood their in my rumba panties and red behind I was so relieved that someone understood me and we were going to have a life together.                                                                     This was a big moment in her life( ms spank his bottom)and mine (pantywaist husband).Hope everyone enjoyed how my wife found out about my interest in pp and spanking.The training that my wife put me through is another interesting subject..My wife and myself have enjoyed our time hear at PDQ hope some people have enjoyed our threads on our female lead spanking marriage.
Like Bhuna 71, I was upfront about it very early - like the night before we actually got together!
R and I have known each other for more than 30 years. I live interstate and she came to visit the place for a music and arts festival. I offered to put her up at my house which she willing accepted. Both single at the time we got together. Both married previously - in my case, for more than 15 years.
The very first night she arrived we stayed up talking for hours and hours about relationships and where we were both at with our life.
R is very open-minded, which is one reason I am strongly attracted to her. She has friends who are in a D/s relationship (M/f) and so knows something of what it entails. There we were talking, me describing D/s and my submissive and x-dressing nature, in depth. I figured, 'what the heck', tell her everything, you never know where it will end - if nothing else, you'll have at least deepened your friendship with each other.
My honesty was warmly appreciated...and embraced. The next day she potted around the city, taking in some sites and thinking about what I'd told her and talked about with her the night before. And she rang those D/s buddies to ask them a few questions about the dynamics involved. Meanwhile, I was at work, wondering if perhaps I'd put her off by my 'rather different' desires....
Anyways, that night we went off to a concert together, then out for a couple of drinks. And when we got home...well, here we are, almost three years later, still together and very much in love. And as soon as Covid-19 settles down, we are getting married. R has told me we'll be in matching underwear. Femme underwear, of course.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Is R head of household and does she give you spankings like my wife gives me .I enjoyed your  story how things worked out it was meant to be.
PWH and Sissysoft - you seem both to have been both very brave in opening up about an interest that most of society (on the surface at least) appear much less open to but lucky enough to have found partners willing to play their role.
I would not say I was brave she just happen to come in my apartment after the concert and found my box . I had no intention of telling her about my interest in petticoat punishment and spanking. But I was relieved when she didn't walk out on me.
(03-17-2021, 06:41 AM)Pantywaist husband Wrote: Is R head of household and does she give you spankings like my wife gives me .I enjoyed your  story how things worked out it was meant to be.

Yes, and yes.  She also likes to apply a hairbrush and a little whippy cane.  I feel blessed.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   

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