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Finding out you are a sissy
Hi I would like to tell everyone about how my wife found about my interest in panties and petticoat punishment.. Well I know for every sissy that this is a very hard thing to do.. I did not have the courage to do it..WELL one night after a foreigner rock concert , my girlfriend now wife came back to my room and found my secret box.. SHE had never been in my motel room or had any idea I was into petticoat punishment and spanking. In the box I had books and videos about petticoat punishment and actual ramba panties with rows of ruffles on the back.                 My girlfriend: So this is what you are into.           Me: yes I have had a interest in p.p for a long time.                                                                               My girlfriend: how long?                                              Me: since I was a.teenager I use to go through my mom's drawer and try her panties and other things on.                                                                     Girlfriend: Oh I see and how about all this      women spank men material.                                    Me: well I acquired the interest in spanking when my mom came home from work and caught me in her panty drawer.SHE turned me over her knee and gave me a spanking.                                      Girlfriend: I am starting to see a pattern here.Where did you get these sissy panties?         Me: from a company called retro systems WHAP Magazine.                                                      Girlfriend: Well I know it is humiliating to discuss wanting to be spanked by women and having a interest in wearing sissy panties.However the fact that we are getting married in six weeks it is not good hiding things from me."Am I making myself clear young man?                                      Me: yes dear.                                                                Girlfriend : Honey I want you to put your little panties on for me. I want to see how they look on you. Don't hesitate do it now.                           Me :yes dear.                                                                   Girlfriend: They really look cute on you . You are a little pantywaist in need of a little training. Me: if you say so .                                                    Girlfriend : I thought I was going to be a wife to you but it looks like I am going to be more of a mommy to my little boy.                                               Me: I really feel quite ashamed will you still marry me?                                                                  Girlfriend: Yes honey but I will be head of household and I have a girlfriend who would be more than willing to help you get in touch with your feminine side . You will be receiving the training once a show her your little sissy books.   Me: OK.                                                                     My girlfriend: Yes I think I need to handle this situation about hiding this material back.." Get across my knee YOU ARE GOING TO GET A SPANKING WITH MOMMY HAND.".              Me: YES dear I am sorry!                                           My girlfriend: I will give you something to be sorry about when I am done spanking you. A sore stinging bottom.                                               For the next 5 minutes the palm of her connected solidly alternating between my butt cheeks. When it was over she hugged me and I was crying, between the spanking and the fact I found a wife and a mommy my emotions just came out.. AS a stood their in my rumba panties and red behind I was so relieved that someone understood me and we were going to have a life together.                                                                     This was a big moment in her life( ms spank his bottom)and mine (pantywaist husband).Hope everyone enjoyed how my wife found out about my interest in pp and spanking.The training that my wife put me through is another interesting subject..My wife and myself have enjoyed our time hear at PDQ hope some people have enjoyed our threads on our female lead spanking marriage.

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