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Daddy Humiliated with Petticoat Discipline
In this land, where men grow no larger than pre-adolescent boys, Bill was helpless to resist petticoat discipline exacted by his bigger teenage daughter.

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Tom Lott
Great caption. The great irony of course is that Bill must take at least some of the credit here for having raised his daughter in such a way as to lead to this moment  Big Grin
Good fiction photo: I think Melissa and her girlfriend are discussing taking bill into the public women bathroom.Yes and that is exactly what she does leading bill by the hand to the women's mall bathroom.Once inside their obviously going to be women in their and Melissa asks politely "ladies would you mind if I gave this naughty baby a spanking. Ladies agreed by all means. Then Melissa puts bill across her knees and he receives another spanking from his daughter hand.This is fiction but I had a situation where I had a similar outcome for me that was not fantasy.
You can’t leave it at that, PWH. Wink  What happened when you found yourself in a similar situation?  Big Grin
This is one of the most humiliating spankings I ever received.I was under petticoat rule immediately after my wife found what I was into. So many of my wife ideas on training me came from her dominant girlfriend. I had never totally been made up to pose as a girl in public. So me , my wife and wife girlfriend went over to California for the weekend..We shopped and the girls picked out a red v neck long dress that was below the knee length.Also they picked out a lacy T-shirt bra red and matching red silky panties with ruffles on the side and Daisy embroidered on the front of the panties . Lacy red garter belt and red stockings.Also they purchased a shoulder length brown wig. I already had a 3 inch black patent high heels I brought on the trip.Well they took me back to the room and totally transformed me with makeup , mascara, lipstick.,eye shadow.Then the wig followed by my bra, garter belt panties ,stockings and I was feeling very feminine. The panties felt so nice and smooth against my hairless bottom and the stockings felt great on my hairless legs.Well my time came to be transformed and walk around in public as a woman. I was a little scared and as time went on I started feeling more at ease walking around the mall.Then my wife suggested that we go in this Mexican restaurant and it was dark so that made me feel better. Well the restaurant experience was a disaster .l was complaining about the food and I got a good scolding from both of the ladies . They were not happy with me. Then things got worse the ladies wanted to shop and I want to go back to the room. Well before I knew what hit me my wife girlfriend grabbed me by the ear and said" all you have done is complain this trip and I am sick of it .. SHE led me down the mall by my ear and when we got to the ladies public restroom.SHE asked my wife" this young lady needs a little over the knee correction do you mind.? My wife answered "by all means".When we reached the restroom she sat down on sofa- like couch..Their was at least 4 women young and middle their brushing their hair and sitting on the sofa.My wife girlfriend asked the ladies very politely"would you ladies be opposed me giving this young lady a little over the knee discipline ." One lady answered sure go right ahead .Is there anything we can do to help one other lady answered." My girlfriend friend answered no" .,as my wife stood and watched. ". I was really scared and embarrassed . My wife girlfriend is a tall women with long slender hands.She told me "You have earned this spanking and you are going to get one." She threw me across her knees locked one leg around mine and I was going to get a public spanking in front of these stranger ladies and my wife watching. Well she pushed the dress forward so my face was covered by the dress.She did not remove my panties ,and all the ladies could my see my panties and garter belt.Then came a stinging slap to one bottom cheek followed by one on the other cheek.. Her slender palm alternating fast between cheeks..Her hand would flatten both my cheeks and the sound each time her hand landed echoed through out the ladies restroom. I was mortified and was trying to take it the best I could. She than asked me whether I was going to behave myself. I answered yes. I don't know how long the spanking was but it had to be close to 7 to 1  0 minutes.After the spanking one lady commented "that was a good hard spanking you gave." Well we left and went to do more shopping after that." We all three talk about that spanking and my wife and her girlfriend laugh about it to this day. If anyone wants to hear my wife (ms spank his bottom) opinion about the spanking I am sure she would be quite glad to discuss it.Yes this last thread brought back a humiliating experiences,i have had quite a few others but this correction will always stay with me.
Hi girlygirl I wrote my similar embarrassing experience .
It sounds like they had you well and truly under the thumb there.  Wink It would of course be great to read more from your wife on the subject. 

Incidentally, I too can relate to going public in women’s clothes for the first time. I had been petticoated on a punishment basis most of my life but at 18 I was introduced to full time petticoating. Consequently, whereas before I had been able to maintain my male personality publicly, that was no longer an option. 

I too have never looked back though and after feeling daunted on that first day, I soon came to realise that I much preferred my feminine side and have been living that way ever since.
I am glad that you feel good about getting in touch with your feminine side.Yes my wife was going to post tonight about her perspective on my punishment in California.Also she is going to have some other opinions on wives handling their sissies.Thank you and I appreciate your feedback back.
Yes I would like to expound on our trip to California to all the members.My girlfriend and myself felt that going out of state for my husband full transformation would be the fair thing to do.We really kept his interest at heart. So keeping that in mind. We spent the whole morning buying him a dress,bra ,panties ,garter belt and stockings,my girlfriend and me went to multiple retail establishements in the mall . It took a lot of effort on our part, he did have to deal with snickering from women and smirking young sales girls . But that goes with the territory of being a little pantiwaist. Also when we went back to the hotel room we both gave him a bath using chanel body wash . Then we used makeup, lipstick , mascara and eyeliner to made sure he could pass for a woman . Then we dressed him and put his wig on . This once again was very time consuming for my girlfriend and me. So we went back to the mall and ate at this mexican restaurant and all he did was complain and spoiled the dinner for all of us.My girlfriend is not crazy about men in general and I could almost see smoke coming out of her ears.Well my girlfriend and me wanted to do just a little shopping for ourselves. We had spent all morning for him shopping so it was understandable we wanted to buy something for us. He through a temper tantrum and wanted to go back to the hotel.Well my girlfriend had enough of his childish behavior and grabbed him by the ear and smacked him on dress covered bottom all the way to the ladies restroom ? SHE must have slapped him 5 times and I know their were people that definitely saw it.I had a good idea she was going to punish him someway in the restroom .When she sat down and asked the ladies about punishing him whether it was ok, I knew he was going to get a spanking. I had to laugh when one of the ladies asked whether their was anything she could do to help.Once she had him over her knee ,he was leg locked and he wasn't going anywhere. Then she raised his dress and pulled it up so it pretty much covered his head and his red panties with ruffles and embroidered flowers and red garter belt was showing. A could see a few of the ladies actually with their mouths open they couldn't believe it. Then my girlfriend proceeded to adminster a severe Spanking with her hand , the sound of her long slim hand landed on his bottom was extremely loud. The ladies were gigling and half laughing. It was a good thing for my husband that the dress covered his head and he did not see the expression on the women's faces.My girlfriend is very strong and you could see from the looks and sounds of the spanks and he was really suffering. He was pleading for her to stop ,he did not mention that yesterday. Also he did not mention one of the most important parts of the spanking. She ran her nails on his lower bottom and thighs and asked him" do you like the feel of my sharp nails on your bare little ass." I could not believe she said and did that . She was still mad. Then she delivered 5  deliberate of her hardest slaps right in the middle of his red ? spanked bottom. Asked him if he was going to behave and he answered with a tearful yes. We left the restroom and continued to do our shopping and my husband was one quite punished girl. I was glad my girlfriend publicly humilated him and gave him that spanking. For this purpose we shopped , cleaned him up ,did his makeup and dressed him so he could pass for a female.In  return he acted like a spoiled brat in the restaurant and had the nerve to have a fit about giving us our time to shop. How do the members the mistresses and sissies feel about his Punishment ? Did he deserve the treatment he got? Thank you it something all three of us will never forget.
You are certainly a benevolent wife and dressing for his first time in an environment where the outcome of encountering anyone he knew was much reduced will no doubt have made things easier for all concerned. My mother was a pacifist and used petticoat punishment as a replacement for corporal punishment and so I am not in the habit of advocating the latter. Obviously in this instance your husband was already effectively petticoated and I can well imagine your frustration in him wanting to extricate himself early from a situation that was no doubt some time in the planning.

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