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I've a new chastity too! - I cried....not fair!!
Wow!! - I may be small in the willy department, but that is almost to the point of being flat.  What comes next, concave?  Your wife really has a mean streak making you wear that but, just think how proud she is of you, when she makes you drop your panties to show her friends or worse still members of your family and just how humiliated you are.  They must find it so amusing - What sort of comments do they make?  Humiliation - 100% certain.
Stamp out useless scrolling! To reply to posts, click Reply, then Control (or Command) + A, then start typing. Add a similar message to your .sig if you like.

It is certainly a cruel device... sissy clit gone, nothing to see or touch...

Also told if my sissy balls are presented like that they deserve torment... simple flicking of finger nails or plastic ruler hurts!

Friends think it is hilarious and so appropriate for an emasculated sissy....'proper little dickless wonder!' they certainly encourage the treatment....

Family are not scene friendly, not a part of life shared.
I had one of those very similar, but instead of the flat front, it had a small dome for the head of the penis. I hated it so much, it was uncomfortable, hard to fit and just could not manage for more than a few hours. It was worth the consequences to not wear that and go back to either my Mature Metal or my new Behind Barz
(03-29-2021, 10:18 PM)inhershoes Wrote: I had one of those very similar, but instead of the flat front, it had a small dome for the head of the penis.

I am locked in one of those now, but my peepee is so small that um, it actually is comfy, well, when my peepee isn't trying to grow even a little bit. I used to love the feeling of terry nappies rubbing on it but now it doesn't get to feel that at all.

Even if I didn't spend most of the time nappied, I have to sit down to weewee, reminding me what a silly naughty toddler I am.

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