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A Date With A Surprise
A Date With A Surprise

Tasha rang the doorbell at the address of the stately, turn-of-the-century house given to her by Tim, a young man she'd met at High School. This was their first date, and he had told her they would meet briefly at his place after school and go out from there.
Tasha was going through a somewhat dry phase of her life right now and under normal circumstances, she probably would never have accepted his invitation. He was after all, merely average in looks and rather lacking in charisma. But for whatever reason, there hadn't been a lot of attention shown her by the hot guys at school lately so she decided to give the somewhat geeky Tim a chance.
Most people would have agreed that Tasha was way out of Tim's league. While Tim was nothing special in his looks, nor particularly manly in the physical sense, Tasha was just the opposite. At 5' 10", she was nearly the tallest of the seniors at her high school, but her voluptuous body made her look like a gorgeous Amazon. Her long, curly blond hair spilled over her shoulders and went halfway down her back, ending at her very narrow waist.
With pretty, sapphire eyes and luscious, full lips, Tasha got plenty of looks from both sexes. Her female detractors argued that it was because of her generous bust line, and the skimpy clothes that she barely wore that were the cause of all the attention. Their jealousy and envy notwithstanding, Tasha was arguably the hottest cheerleader on the school's team.
Sighing impatiently, she rang the doorbell again.
From somewhere inside the house, she could make out approaching steps, although she thought they sounded more like an adult's, not the lighter, careless shuffle of Tim.
Mrs. Patterson's brow furrowed as she heard the bell ring for a second time. Who on earth could it be? she wondered grumpily. The house was at the end of a drive and they weren't used to visitors or solicitors. If it was indeed the latter, she was going to give that person a piece of her mind, that much was sure.
Mrs. Patterson was a strict, unforgiving woman who lorded over her house and son with an iron hand. She had lived alone in the old residence that had been consistently occupied by Pattersons for over 140 years, ever since her husband had died ten years previous. Some less charitable types had said he had died from being nagged to death, but whatever the case, she had felt she needed to take his place as the father figure in the household, giving her son the discipline she felt was all too necessary to make him a success in life.
To say she was overprotective of her frail, weak-willed son, was a vast understatement.
She controlled every aspect of his life, what his activities would be, and including who his friends would or would not be.

Girlfriends, were quite out of the question. She saw them as an undesirable influence, a needless distraction, and a ruthless attempt to pervert her innocent, virginal little boy.
Opening the front door, Mrs. Patterson's expression darkened as she beheld the beautiful young girl standing before her. Nor was her impression improved by the girl's state of dress, or rather, undress, as the young female stared back at her with a surprised expression. After all, Tim had assured her that he lived alone, not with some cranky old harridan.
Her harsh, judgmental look was starting to make Tasha feel self conscious of the low cut, snug fitting top she was wearing,

"Yes?" Mrs. Patterson demanded imperiously.
Tasha's delicately shaped eye brow raised in annoyance and consternation. She could do without the rude attitude.
"Um, I'm here to see Tim?" she explained, "Does he live here?"
Her tone carried the absolute minimum of politeness required.

She was fully expecting the brusque woman to say no, and she made ready to get back in her car and forget all about the nerdy guy, who clearly, didn't deserve her.
"Yes, he lives here," the mother replied, "What business do you have with him?"
Tasha was shocked by her rudeness, but then, many women were rude to her, which often stemmed from petty jealousy.
"Uh, he invited me out on a date with him," she replied flippantly, not to be intimidated by the old battle axe.
Mrs. Patterson's expression darkened further and her face flushed angrily.
How dare the little sneak try and go out on a date behind her back!

The temerity of the boy!
She had made it quite clear that dating was strictly forbidden to him. His grades had slipped over the last year and dating was a leisure he could ill afford. She wasn't about to let him get involved with some young harlot who would only distract him from his proper focus.
She was half tempted to launch into a fire and brimstone tirade to this young floozy, to tell her to get lost and make sure she never came back again, lest she inform her mother.
Her mouth opened and a string of angry words was about to gush forth like apples from a barrel when she suddenly stopped herself.
Her mouth clamped shut and for a moment, she reconsidered the situation from an entirely different viewpoint...

Mrs. Patterson was quite sure that her little Timmy hadn't been entirely forthcoming with this young tramp before her. To be sure, if he had told her about his nightly bedwetting, there was no way this girl would be standing on their doorstep now.
A smile crossed her hard face as a new inspiration set in.

"Oh he did, did he?" she said, her eyes narrowing, "Why don't you come inside, you can wait for him in his room."
A devious smile crossed her face and she stood aside to let the sexy young cheerleader in.

Tasha shrugged and followed Tim's mother into the immaculate interior of the house. As they passed through the spacious dining room, to her surprise, the older woman picked up a stout wooden rectangular paddle with numerous holes in its face and continued down the hallway.
A new picture was starting to form in Tasha's mind and she was getting the impression that Tim hadn't been entirely honest with her. His big talk of living alone was obviously a lie, and she was suspecting that much of what he had bragged about in class was probably untrue as well. And by his mother's strict demeanor, Tasha quickly surmised that he had crossed a line in asking her to come over.
But to think that he was going to be punished like a child, with an old-fashioned spanking, almost made her giggle out loud. When she considered the dishonesty he'd demonstrated, her sympathy towards him began slipping away like water through a sieve.
"I think you may be surprised if you were to learn about Timmy's living arrangements here," Mrs. Patterson said.
"Oh?" Tasha answered, now intrigued.
As the older woman walked through a doorway at the far end of the hall, Tasha followed her but she stopped in her tracks as her unbelieving eyes took in the room they had entered.
The walls were covered with nursery style wallpaper and fuzzy pink curtains diffused the warm sunlight filtering in. A large, oversized crib dominated the room and next to it, a low, vinyl covered changing table with two large stacks of fluffy cloth diapers behind it. A small pink dresser was to the side and one of its two drawers was open revealing a multitude of plastic baby pants.
Tasha's cute nose wrinkled distastefully as she became aware of the sour, pungent aroma of stale, wet diapers surrounding her. Clearly, the occupant had a wetting problem.
"You look surprised," Mrs. Patterson said with a sly tone, "Didn't Timmy tell you about his nightly bedwetting?"
"T-Tim lives in this room?" she asked, dumbfounded.
It took a lot to shock the popular cheerleader but this was more than she was prepared for.

"Oh yes. Timmy knows the moment he gets home from school, he is to come back here to his nursery and get undressed so he can be changed into his evening clothes. That means first and foremost, thick diapers and waterproof plastic panties, but he also wears a number of outfits that are suitable for a little boy who can't control his wetting."
Tasha's mouth hung open in shock as she struggled to take all this in.
"Look, I think I should be going now," she said uneasily as she looked around the nursery, "I didn't know about any of this and I surely didn't know Tim was a bedwetter."
Mrs. Patterson's tone lightened and she forced a smile.
"Oh, don't be so quick to go," she said invitingly, "Timmy has earned himself a good hard spanking for lying and sneaking around behind my back. Perhaps you'd like to stay and see who is really in charge around here..."
The subject of their discussion was half running, half jogging, to get home as quickly as he possibly could. He was out of breath, and his heart was racing but it wasn't just from the exertion.
He had been delayed endlessly by a pair of bullies that had waited for him after school. One of them had given him a wedgie, pulling the back of his underwear painfully high up his crack, while the other had forced him into a metal garbage can, rolling him around the parking lot in a noisy display of humiliation.

Poor Tim had pleaded and begged with them, offering them all of his future lunch money if they would only let him go just this one time. Unfortunately, that merely had the affect of encouraging them, and they taunted him with their usual epithet of 'sissy-Timmy'. It was a name that he found particularly stinging, since Timmy was his mother's usual way of referring to him instead of Tim.
In any event, he was now extremely late for his meeting with Tasha and the unheard-of chance that he was afraid of blowing, big time. Worse yet, he feared that his mother may have come home before he would have the chance to intercept his would-be girlfriend and take her away from the house.
Gasping for breath, he turned the last corner to his street and spied Tasha's car parked on the curb outside his house. Perhaps she was still sitting inside it (he hoped desperately), and his mother was late in coming home herself.
He quickly cobbled together an apology along with an excuse for them to get going with all due haste. He wasn't sure what he would say if she was to ask him what the hurry was but he figured he would deal with that as it came.
To his dismay, he found the car empty and with growing apprehension, he walked up the sidewalk to the front entrance of the house.
Creeping through the front doorway, he tiptoed into the living room not knowing what to expect.

"Timmy!" his mother called out from down the hall in her commanding voice, "Come to your room this instant!"
He gulped and swallowed hard.
His mouth went dry and his heart rate skyrocketed.
This was the worst possible outcome! Was Tasha in his nursery too?!

Whimpering to himself as he bit hard on his fist, Tim walked slowly down the hall, his legs becoming wobbly and weak under him. Turning the corner into his nursery, his mouth dropped open as he saw first Tasha, and then his angry mother, her arms crossed and the fearsome Spencer paddle in her hands. Involuntarily, a stream of panic induced pee let go into the front of his pants, creating a big, humiliating dark spot. Tasha noticed immediately and she shook her head at his pathetic, childish lack of control.
"Timmy! Am I going to have to start sending you to school in your diapers now too?" Mrs. Patterson demanded.
"N-no Mommy!" he quaked, his voice cracking with fear.
Tasha was struck by the difference in their sizes--Mrs. Patterson was tall, formidable, and strong looking, while Tim was much shorter, appearing weak and timid as he quailed before his stern mother.
" thought you could sneak around behind my back, did you?" she snapped.
Tim was shaking his head nervously but he was afraid to look over at Tasha. The only thing that could possibly be worse than the secret of his nursery being revealed was being taken over his mom's lap and spanked in front of his idol.
"You think you can just go out with anyone you like--without me knowing about it? Well let me tell you mister--when I'm done with you, your little friend here is going to see exactly how lying, sissy bedwetters are dealt with in this house."
With that, she took a seat on the edge of the crib mattress and yanked him over to her side. Tim began shamelessly pleading with her, frantic to avoid the harsh spanking he knew was all but inevitable. His mother completely ignored him, jerking down his pants and wet underwear before throwing him over her firm lap. Tim struggled and kicked desperately but his mother was much stronger.
She wasted no time and the paddle came down with a thunderous impact, leaving a hot, angry red imprint on his bare bottom. Tim wailed piteously as more blistering hard swats followed in swift progression. Mrs. Patterson paddled her sissy son relentlessly, slapping each curvy cheek viciously over and over. Tim immediately burst into tears and he kicked frantically as he beat his fists on the ground in helpless frustration.
The paddle stung his tender bottom fiercely but at the same time, every swat was delivered with the same awesome power as the first.
His baby soft buns flattened with every cruel bite of the unforgiving paddle before bouncing back to receive yet another stinging dose.

Even Tasha was amazed at the severity of Tim's punishment. Mrs. Patterson certainly knew how to wield a paddle and she was giving her son his just reward and then some. After ten minutes of nonstop, scalding swats, she finally finished.
Tim lay over her lap, bawling his eyes out, his bottom a bright red color with several dark, blotchy patches. To be sure, he was going to have a hard time sitting for several days.
Tasha stood above him, slowly shaking her head as she crossed her arms over her sexy, imposing chest.
As Mrs. Patterson lifted him off her lap and dumped him on the changing table, Tim howled in pain as his blazing bottom made contact with the vinyl covered surface.
His mom busied herself with untying his shoes and removing them, along with his socks, pants, shirt, and underwear. Tim's hand shot down reflexively to try and cover his tiny little package but his mom slapped his hands away. With practiced movements, she raised his ankles high and began smearing a big glob of diaper rash cream across his crimson cheeks. After a thick, sticky coating was covering his throbbing bottom, she tucked a trio of bunny soft diapers underneath him.

Tim sobbed with shame as Tasha looked down upon him, amazed at how truly minuscule his penis was. It was hardly bigger than a grape!
"As you can see for yourself, Timmy here wouldn't have been able to satisfy you anyway," Mrs. Patterson remarked caustically.
Tasha smirked in agreement although inwardly, she shuddered that she had even considered going out with this under-endowed pantywaist.
Mrs. Patterson sprinkled baby powder all over his front before pulling the thick, bulky cloth up and pinning it tightly around his hips with pink, clown-headed safety pins.
"Would you like to pick out a pair of baby panties for our little bedwetter?" she asked Tasha.
The busty cheerleader giggled and stepped over to his low dresser, sifting through the various pants until she found a pair in pink nursery print.
"How about these?" she offered helpfully.
"Perfect!" Mrs. Patterson exclaimed as she gathered the leg holes and fed his feet through them. Tim sobbed and looked away as his mom pulled the plastic panties up his smooth legs as if he were a helpless toddler.
After a bit of working, she finally got the fat diaper fully enclosed with the shiny, colorful panties. She dusted between his legs with baby powder and then stood up, going over to the other large dresser in the corner of the nursery. She picked out a short, white fleece top with pink accents. It had a set of building blocks on the chest spelling out the word 'baby' and cute playful ruffles at the hem and sleeves.
Completely defeated, Tim submissively raised his arms as his mom lowered the emasculating top over his head. Tasha silently reflected that he really did look like a baby now, his big, bulky diapers forcing his legs apart.
Putting some soft, lacy anklets on his feet followed by a pair of glossy pink Mary Janes, she stood her sissy boy up. Tim was still sniffling pathetically and he kept his eyes downcast, unable to look Tasha in the face.
"There. Still interested in dating Timmy here?" Mrs. Patterson asked with a smug look of satisfaction.
"Ha ha! Not a chance," Tasha replied emphatically, "You can have him."
His mom stepped over to his dresser, picked up a large rubber pacifier and stuffed it into her sniveling son's mouth.
"Well Timmy, it doesn't look like your little girlfriend here wants to have any part of your wet diapers. Better luck next time."
Tim's cheeks flushed even redder if that were possible. He had never been so ashamed in his entire life.
"Maybe next time," she said firmly, with her fists on her hips, "you'll think twice before trying to sneak around behind my back."
Her prissy, diapered son nodded sadly.
Tasha couldn't wait to tell all her friends at school.
And the several quick pictures she had surreptitiously taken with her cell phone would ensure her incredible story was sure to be believed!

You really are an artist, Bobby.
A great story, Bobby. It is probably just as well that Tasha found out when she did. Timmy must have known that he couldn’t keep his rouse up for any extended period and will no doubt have learned a valuable lesson.  Wink
Lovely story though I’m sad for him losing his girlfriend-babysitter.
Great story. Poor Timmy, I was hoping that Tasha might have fancied babysitting occasionally, I'm sure with her athletic build she'd be just as able to weild a paddle as Mommy
Great story Bobby … thanks.
Poor Timmy; looks like another early bedtime with a sore bottom and soon to be soaked diapers.
I think that Tasha just might offer to babysit Timmy … and may be she'll bring some of her friends over to help.

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