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Hiya everyone. Can I make a request please?

What do you enjoy most about this forum? Is it the content, all the stuff you like to read?

If it is, please will you add to it? We have a lot of readers, which is lovely, but not many posters of content. The more people who post, the more we’ll all enjoy our forum. 

And don’t think you have nothing to say - everyone has something they could post! How about your favourite picture? Or a short piece about what brought you here? Or your fantasy scenario?

You’re welcome to DM me if you’d like some advice or if you think I can help. 

If everyone were to post just one item a month we’d have a much more vibrant forum with a much broader range of content. 

Thank you ! x
Thank you Ali for all your posts . It's members like you that are the backbone and funny bone of this forum .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Good on you Ali. Yes, come on, contribute! Doesn't have to be all the time, or regularly....maybe just every so often. Would help enliven the forum, for sure.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Agree 100% Ali, too much lurking is bad for your health people! Come out and join the fun. Nobody expects you to write War and Peace, just share your thoughts and ideas.
I love hearing about how another naughty nappied toddlers think they should be treated. It always makes me think of how I'd feel. And that always makes me squirmy and tight in my cage, or sometimes, even makes me do naughty things in my nappies!
I agree. I think the best posts are usually from Ladies when they post here - it’s great to know that there are dominants out there who enjoy this stuff - but the more contributors, the more lively a forum it will be. How about extending the awards system to reward best creation (or creator) of the month, and to reward the member who is most encouraging of others?
Luv being able to interact, communicate and have fun.
Thanks for asking. I like the content and to be able to discuss forum topics in a safe place.
I enjoy engaging with all the content. The most cathartic thing for me though has been communicating with likeminded individuals and sharing my life and childhood experiences with other individuals who can claim to have encountered similar and can therefore understand me on a level that few others can.
Thanks Ali for an encouraging post. I love reading everything from everyone on this forum, even though I comment, I know I should comment more. I definitely should do new threads more.

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