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Punished and displayed
You’re stripped naked, ordered to touch your toes, and soundly spanked. Fifty, yes, fifty, spanks with a slipper. And you have to count your spanks and say ‘thank you’ after each one. If you miscount, your spanking starts again. 

Then it’s time for your nappy. You’re laid down on a changing mat, but before your nappy goes on, your Nanny produces a long pink ribbon. She wraps it around the base of your tiny little cock and balls, leaving two long lengths of ribbon each side. She moves the lengths of ribbon one each side of your waist, and proceeds to put your nappy on you. 

It’s a thick terry nappy for you, young man - nice and absorbent, and very bulky. She folds it into a kite shape and makes you lift your bottie so she can slide it underneath you. 

Then she disappears, leaving you wondering what she’s gone to get for you. You think that the worst thing is not knowing. But it isn’t. When she returns you realise that the worst thing is what she’s about to do to you. 

She pops your dummy in your mouth, telling you that you’re going to need it to stop you crying out. Then she shows you what’s in her other hand. 

It’s a condom, filled with water, and now frozen. You can see it’s about six inches long, and nearly an inch in girth. 

Your eyes widen in terror as she rolls your legs back over your head, and you you realise what she’s going to do with it. 

She applies a little Vaseline to your little hole, and starts to force the frozen condom in. You gasp at the extreme cold of the ice, and the painful invasion as she forces it into you. You’re whimpering before it’s even half way in. 

By the time she’s pushed it all the way in you can hardly breathe, it’s so cold, so painful. 

Your body desperately wants to expel this intrusion, but it’s prevented from doing so by Nanny wrapping your nappy tightly around you, and pinning it tightly in place. 

Next comes your plain rubber baby knickers, threaded over your feet and up over your nappy. 

Nanny then stands you up. Every movement is agony, with your unwelcome visitor up your bum. You struggle to stand up straight, but Nanny slaps the back of your thighs until you do. 

Keeping the ends of your pink ribbon free out of the back of the waistband of your rubbers, Nanny dresses you as a little schoolgirl - cotton knickers, little pleated gym slip, white blouse, school tie, cardigan, white knee-length socks, and black Mary-Jane shoes. 

You catch sight of yourself in the mirror. You look like a little schoolgirl, albeit one with a tear-stained face after your spanking, but it’s clear from the way your skirt is hanging that you have a nappy on too. 

Nanny makes you bend over slightly and look at yourself again in the mirror. Before you’re even half way bent over you can see your nappy and rubbers peaking out from under your knickers, as your skirt is too short to hide them. 

You can’t imagine how things could get any worse, with your humiliating outfit and the excruciating intrusion up your bum. But of course it does. 

Nanny tells you you’re going out for a walk. The thought of people seeing you dressed like this fills you with terror, and you accidentally do a little wee in your nappy. 

You’re sure everyone is looking at you as you walk along the road, and they are. Children are pointing and laughing at you, and young mums are stifling giggles. 

You arrive at a school uniform shop and Nanny makes you go in. The owner is clearly expecting you. 

“Here he is!” exclaims Nanny. “Ready for your display!”

What does she mean, ‘display’?

You don’t have to wait long to find out. 

You’re taken to the shop window, and made to sit down at a little desk, on a small wooden chair. The chair is low, and your knees feel like they’re up under your chin. Even if you keep your knees together, which is almost impossible due to the bulkiness between your legs, you realise that passers-by will be able to see your nappy. 

Then you find out what the long pink ribbon is for. Nanny grabs each end and pulls them tight, painfully constructing your little willy and balls inside your nappy. She then ties it tightly to the back of the chair. 

As she steps back to admire her humiliating work you try to wriggle so as to undo the knots in the ribbon securing you to the chair. 

The pain is excruciating, almost as bad as the frozen condom up your bum. Nanny and the shop owner laugh at you, and you realise you cannot move, even a little. 

“Very good!” exclaims Nanny. “I’m sure a day on display in your shop window will be JUST what he needs. He can stay there all day, no need for toilet breaks because, as you can see, he’s got a nice thick nappy on.”

And with that she kisses you on your forehead and leaves you, on display, dressed as a little schoolgirl, with your nappy on show, the excruciating ice slowly melting up your bottom and dribbling into your nappy, and unable to move or even wriggle because of the ribbon tied tightly around your little boy bits, knowing you have no choice but to sit there all day, wetting your nappy. 
Wonderfully tormenting. Thanks Ali.
(Oh yes, I love the picture of the schoolgirl in her cardigan, of course Wink )
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Another fabulous scene Ali, I love it! Nowhere to hide, the shame and humiliation must be excruciating. Even worse would be the feeling later of wanting it to happen all over again!
Ooh, I love the idea of a village where all the woman are in charge and all the "boys" are reduced to sissy toddlers, as the Mummies and Nannies share their ideas. Just imagining a nice shopping square with naughty sissies on display in various categories.

School and toddler uniforms for the clothing store, perhaps a nappied kitchen maid, or a bathroom maid, locked and plugged and nappied, locked in rubber knickers, hobbled so that only small steps can be taken, or crawling, scrubbing the floor in the window of the grocers.

Mummies and Nannies taking their toddler charges on a walk in the square, showing them off to each other, comparing the state of each other's toddlers. Hearty smacks and squeals as the toddlers don't turn or curtsy nicely, making all the other sissies jump in fright, often leading to a spate of embarrassed blushes as they wet their nappies.

Some would also have very uncomfortable plugs like the one in the story, others would have powerful vibrating plugs or even attachments to their steel chastity cages. Sometimes the naughty boys would be seen on the grass, desperately trying to reach their peepees or botbots, but of course, their pretty but sturdy pants made sure that was impossible.
What a delightfully awful situation!
What a rollercoaster of emotions that would be. One might actually be grateful for the soft seat of a nappy after innumerable spanks. But this would quickly dissipate on being placed in the much harder seat in the shop window. I imagine most would sooner endure the pain at that stage.  Big Grin
Absolutely love all the details in that story Ali.

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