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The Adventures of Goddess Claire
Great Story Nicole can't wait to read your next chapter
Chapter 11
“Claire I don’t know how to walk in heels!” It will take time to learn of course but that’s how you finish your chores today. “Claire do you know how long it will take me to finish vacuuming in those?” So what? You have plenty of time! Now step into them! Nick stepped into the heels and wobbled as soon as they were in his feet. I watched him stumble around the room but he eventually got into a groove. You see? It’s not that hard! Watch your big sister walk in hers and translate that into how you walk. I would walk across the room and then Nick would follow me. Overtime he got better and better. Okay it’s time for you to finish vacuuming. “Claire my feet are sore! Can I do it tomorrow?” No as a girl you need to get used to pain! “Claire I’m not a girl!” You know your right! With the way you’re acting your not a girl! You’re a sissy girl!

“What’s a sissy girl?” A sissy girl is a boy who wants to be a girl and doesn’t know it yet! Now get back to work! Unless you want to go back to living with our mom? “NO!” Good! Now your life is heels and tulle skirts and pretty little dresses! “Pretty little dresses?” Yea pretty little dresses! Maybe after your chores I’ll order you into some pretty little dresses. “Order me?” My brothers face was bright red again. Yes order you! Do you like to be given orders from your big sister? His face got even reeder! Well do you? “Yes I like to take orders from you Claire.” Say it again! I needed to hear it again! “I like to take orders from you Claire!” Again! “I like to take orders from you Miss Claire.” Miss Claire? I like that. From now on you will call me Miss Claire! Now get to work! “Yes Miss Claire!”
Nothing worth doing is ever easy but he should be encouraged by the fact that such a large proportion of the population wear heels regularly. It is clearly something that is accomplishable - he just needs to get in touch with his Zen spirit.  Wink
Claire and Nick are both slipping into things very nicely. Although, I was half expecting Nicky to trip or slip wearing heels. Claire may have to work out how to conceal the redness in Nick’s face next.
Either that or introduce blusher so that it’s red on a more permanent basis.  Wink

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