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The Adventures of Goddess Claire
A great choice for his first skirt. Claire has achieved a great deal in a short space of time. Owning a great collection of 50s style dresses myself, I am quite confident that he will be hooked should he find himself fortunate enough to borrow one of Claire’s.  Wink
I love the dress in the attachment. Love the chapters though I was terrified by Claire’s nightmare and I think it could scare off Nick. Glad she woke up from it and hopefully decides to slow down, but only a bit Wink
Chapter 8
Did you put on your panties and tights for the day? “I’m doing so right now Claire. Should I wear a skirt again?” I was puzzled by the question. What should I say? Clearly he was open to wearing skirts, but what about dresses? I was a bit put off by the dream and I wasn’t so sure I should tell him to try a dress. I decided not to. No I could always do that at a later date. I was In no rush. I think that would be best Nick. Let me grab you another one. I may not be putting him in dresses today but I could always get him to wear a girlier skirt! I was having so much trouble finding a skirt but then it hit me. What if he would wear a tulle skirt? This was a devious idea and I decided too go for it. It was girly but after all it wasn’t a dress it was a skirt! I grabbed my white tulle skirt that was just about knee length and I presented it too him! Let’s see if he would comply.

“That’s the skirt Claire? Buts it so girly and frilly. What happened to the one from yesterday?” It’s in the wash Nick. It’s dirty you can’t wear dirty things. “I know but why that one?” Honestly almost all my skirts are like this honey! “And you’re saying that I have too wear a skirt?” Well while your wearing panties and tights and are at home yes! So, I guess I’m saying you have to wear the skirt! I was nervous! How would he react! But I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard his reply. “Well if you’re telling me that I have too.” Omg I thought he’s listening to my commands. Do I kick it up a a notch? I think so. I’m just just telling you I’m ordering you to put on the skirt! “You’re ordering me?” Yes I’m ordering you to put on the skirt! “Yes Claire!” Nick took the skirt from me and began to put it on and I assisted him. You look darling! Now come along you have chores to do!

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I was terrified myself just for a second when Claire presented Nick with the tulle skirt. She certainly has taken things up a notch even though rightly a bit nervous herself. Great chapter and lovely skirt. Looking forward to reading about the chores. Easy ones at first I bet. Then the first dress eventually.
Chapter 9
“Chores?” Yes chores I said as Nick walked with his skirt flouncing at every step. You have to earn your keep around here my darling. You can start today by vacuuming the downstairs area of the house. I’m assuming that you know how to use a vacuum? “Yes mom used to have me do it once a week.” Perfect you may start and I’ll supervise. I let my brother begin and I watched him plug in the vacuum and begin his task. I loved watching his tulle skirt flare, bounce, and flounce around. Watching him really did do something to me. I couldn’t believe how wet it made me, and I felt like I need more. Caution who needs caution? Wow Nick you’re really doing a great job! You know watching you work in this skirt is really something. “It is?” Oh yes of course! That tulle skirt is really appropriate for you. It just fits you so well and in fact I have a new rule to enact. “A new rule?” Yes and the new rule is that no matter what while you are doing chores you will also have to wear a tulle skirt!

Nicks eyes lit up. “But Claire I’m a boy I’m not even supposed to be wearing skirts, panties, and tights.” Says who the boy police? No no this is all appropriate for you! Yes panties, tights, skirts, heels, dresses! “Heels and dresses? I don’t wear those things!” Oh well now you do! Yes panties, tights, bras, skirts, heels and dresses! We also can’t forget the hair, make up and nail polish! “Claire I don’t do or wear any of those things!” Well you do now! “But why?” Because you are my ward and under my control! And when boys are under my control they become girls! So, you are no long my brother Nick but you are now my little sister Nicole!
I love it. Flouncy skirts fun to wear and watch. She’s really, as they say, throwing down the qauntlet, now. Nick must feel like a deer caught in the head lights.

Brilliant chapter. These sentences are the best in my opinion:
You have to earn your keep around here my darling.
Watching him .... is really something.
Nicks eyes lit up. “But Claire I’m a boy I’m not even supposed to be wearing skirts, panties, and tights.” Says who the boy police?

Then of course the list of what’s to wear etc. Oh yummy.
The punchline of ward etc and little sister. Really hits it home.

Going to be fun, more please.
Things have escalated quickly.  Big Grin Somehow though I sense Claire is still only just beginning here, though. I can’t wait to see what else she might have in store for Nick.  Wink
Chapter 10
“But Claire I’m not a girl!” Don’t worry I’ll make you a girl! “You can’t just turn a boy into a girl Claire. It doesn’t work that way!” Want too bet? “What do you mean?” Do you want to bet? Because you are my ward until the age of eighteen that means I can do whatever I want. You are in my control, and I bet that after being a girl for four years you wouldn’t be able to turn back to a boy or want to for that matter. However, none of that really matters. You’re already In skirts and I’ve all ready got rid of your boy clothes. His face looked shocked! “What do you mean?” Go take a look for yourself. I watched my new little sister scramble up to her bedroom and search for the clothes. “Where did that all go?” I threw them out of course . You didn’t really think I would let you keep any of that stuff did you? Well even if you did it doesn’t matter. We will fill out your closet with appropriate things, but for now you can continue to flounce around in my tulle skirts! Now follow me to my room I need to complete that outfit!

She put her head down and followed me. This is going a lot easier then I thought it would. She really doesn’t have any fight in her at all. It’s amazing how weak she seems. First things first you wear bras now as well as panties. Take off that ratty old shirt and I’ll teach you how to put on this nice red bra. Nicole took her shirt off and I laughed at her attempt to put in on. Don’t worry your big sister will help you I said and it was on her just like that. Next I have a light red sweater and that went on without a hitch. Now for the next big test. These nice red heels! “Claire I can’t walk in heels!” Don’t worry I’ll be training you to do so. Well let’s be honest I’ll be training you to do a lot of things! “Claire please don’t do this!” SILENCE! Clearly you don’t understand that I am in charge. The only thing I want you too say is yes and no Claire and frankly let’s not pretend that you aren’t enjoying yourself. “Enjoying myself? I am not!” Oh really? You mean to tel me that you don’t like flouncing around in your skirts. After all you asked me to order you to wear it! Her face turned bright red! Exactly now step into the heels!
A thrilling chapter. The future is blossoming.
Indeed, Claire has been very cunning and Nick seems to be starting to realise just how big of a hole he is in. Even assuming he had the means to resolve his predicament, it would be very difficult to do so without donning female attire in the interim.  Big Grin

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