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The Adventures of Goddess Claire
Chapter 1 
I didn’t know why I was like this but at this point I’m convinced I was born this way. I just turned twenty years of age and every relationship I had with a boy never worked out. Simply because none of them would let me dress them up like a girl. They wouldn’t even let me paint there nails. It’s just something that was burning inside me that I had to express but didn’t find a way too. This was also a unique time in my life has I was just granted custody of my little brother who was just about to turn 15. You are my dad left us early in our lives and my mom was just such a mess that it was beginning to be very hard for my brother. So, I figured that the best solution was for me to get custody of him. Soon he was flying out to live with me in California. A few days before he was scheduled to arrive I had a thought. What if I could turn my little brother into my little sister?

Chapter 2
“I suppose it’s possible.” My friend Amy said too me when I told her of my plan. She looked through some of the pictures that I had of him. “He is petite for his age and does have longer hair. You would have too really get moving on this though if you want to succeed. I mean it’s only a matter of time before puberty really kicks in and he would be untrainable.” “You think so? I don’t k or I think that I have plenty of time. I mean he’s 15 and he’s 5’4” he’s not getting any taller I’d bet.” “Maybe and maybe not. Some boys can hit growth spurts.” “Well what do you recommend that I do?” “Well my friend Sandra did the same thing to her brother. He was getting into trouble and though the best solution was too turn him into a girl. She used hormone therapy and before you know it he was growing breasts and everything else that girl go threw during puberty.” “That all sounds great but where am I going to be hormones?” “Sandra she’s a doctor! She can help you.” “Oh I don’t know Amy.” “Look try it your way at first but in telling you this is the only way. Sandras brother models prom dresses for a living! Yes prom dresses!” “Really prom dresses?” “Yup and she does whatever Sandra says at home too. She cooks and cleans and is 25 and is still under her control! Look I’m not telling that hormones is the only way to do it but just keep an open mind too it. Okay?” “Okay”
Great start seems a very promising sequence of fun adventures.
I am intrigued already. I can sense that this is going to be an engaging story already and a very different perspective than we have become used to from you.  Big Grin
Chapter 3
Click clack click clack! I always loved the sound that my heels made when I walked. I loved the way that they made me feel as well. I was at the airport to pick up my brother Nick and I was very excited. Also I couldn’t wait too set my plan into action. When he approached me I was shocked. He was smaller then what I remembered and his hair was very very long for a boy. “Claire! I’m so happy too see you!” I’m happy too see you as well. How was your flight? “It was okay.” Good now let’s get you home! Nick I must say that your hair is a lot longer then what I remembered. “Mom didn’t have enough money to let me get a hair cut.” Really? She couldn’t afford a hair cut? “That’s what she said.” Nick shrugged his shoulders. Well maybe we can get you a hair cut or your big sister can style it. Nick smiled and so did I. Of course I had no intention of letting him cut it. No his big sister would be styling it.

We finally arrived at Nicks new home and we walked in. Let me show you to your new room. About a week or so prior to him arriving I had painted the bedroom pink. “Why is this room pink?” Well no one has ever stayed in this room before. That’s the way it was when I moved in. We can change it eventually. Now let’s get you unpacked. We started unpacking his clothes and putting them away when disaster hit. Well for Nick anyway. For me it was a break in my plan. “I forgot my underwear! We have to go buy some more!” Well hold on Nick I don’t get paid until the end of the week. “Well I guess I could wear the same pair until then.”No that’s gross! You will wait a pair of my panties everyday until we get you more!
Things are going wrong already for Nick. If only he knew that it always starts with the panties. As long as he avoids water, scissors and beetroot juice he might just keep the rest of his clothes wearable.  Wink
Claire’s starting out well. Girlygirl has taken the words out of my mouth. I enjoyed reading that as much as the chapter. I know girls have more panties than boys do boxers or whatever, but did she buy extra just for nick’s arrival?
Chapter 4
“Panties? I can’t wear panties!” Why not? It will just be for a week or so, and who knows you might even like them. “Why can’t we just wash my one pair everyday?” That would jack up my water bill and I’m sorry you’ll have to wear my panties. Don’t worry I have plenty! Little did he know that all my panties were either lace or silk. Also little did he know was that I had plenty of money to buy him underwear. With a sigh he said “it’s okay Claire I’ll wear your panties until we can get me some underwear.” Perfect! I’ll just load you up right now. I went to my room and grab several pairs of different colors all of them either silk or lace. “Oh wow you certainly have a lot of panties Claire.” Well us girls need lots of panties! Worked out for this case. Now let’s get you finished here as far as packing goes.

I was then gifted another fast highway too sissification. Nick your socks are all ripped up and most of them have holes in them. You can’t wear these! “Well Claire what can I do? Mom never bought me any thing new!” I might be pushing this I though to myself but this was a great opening. “It’s fine you can wear my tights until we can get you more! “Tights Claire? You don’t have any socks?” Nope I have tights, pantyhose, stockings, or leggings. I don’t have any socks. So, you’ll have to make do. I’ll be right back and I’ll load you up. I went right too my room and grabbed a bunch of tights and loaded them up. Omg look at the socks you have on now. Take those off! My brother complied and took this socks off. Now those boxers you have on don’t have holes in them also do they? My brothers face turned bright red and he lowered his head. It’s fine I said. Take them off and you can put on a pair of panties and tights. I can’t have you wear things like that!

Chapter 5
Don’t be shy come on. Take off those pants. I’m your big sister so I’ve seen it all before. His face turned even redder then it was and he took off his pants and boxers and stood naked before me. I thought this was important because I want too set a precedent that if I asked he would allow himself to be that way in front of me. I took his ripped up boxers and threw them on the garbage bin. I will say that I wasn’t surprised at how small my brother was. As I baby he was very very tiny. I handed him a pair of black lace hipster panties. Go on put them on. My brother slid them up his mostly hairless legs and they settle over his waist. “Wow they feel a lot different then mine.” Well of course Nick! Girls prefer the finer things! Do you like them? His face turned red again. It’s okay you can admit it to your big sis! “There okay Claire.”

Well it’s a start I thought to myself. I didn’t want to press the issue. Now let’s get you into your tights! Have you ever worn them before? “Of course not Claire!” Okay well sit on the bed and you gently roll them up your legs. Here I’ll show you! I set my brother down and I rolled the tights up his legs and stood him up and then pulled them over his waist. Perfect! How do they feel? He turned red again and said they are okay as well. Good now you can put your pants back on, or you could try on a skirt? I couldn’t believe I just asked that! If he was repulsed I could play it off as a joke but maybe just maybe he would put one on. “A skirt? Why would I do that?” Well you’ll find that under jeans you might not be that comfy with the tights. Skirts on the other hand are super comfy and you could just wear one around the house. You would feel so free. I could tell the gears were cranking in his head. “Do you think I should be in a skirt?”
Lucky his legs are mostly hairless to enjoy the tights. My gosh, Claire is very likeable and has a fabulous selection of nice things to share. I’m sure poor Nick is in for some lovely surprises. Maybe the answer to the skirt is.... I won’t spoil it Wink Big Grin
He’s going to find himself in a skirt at some point. If Nick has any semblance of the bigger picture here, he might find it wise to start now and reduce the pain somewhat when he forced into donning such attire later on.  Wink
Chapter 6
Do I think you should be in a skirt? Well you’re wearing tights and panties so yes you should be in a skirt. Just around the house of course. Surely I wouldn’t send you out in one. “You wouldn’t?” Of course not! Why would I do something like that? So, I will go get you your skirt! Now here was another big test. Should I get him a boring old normal skirt or a girly one. The way thing we’re going it might be best if I get him into a girly one. Eventually I decided too give him my high waisted zebra stripped skirt. “That’s the skirt?” Yup now all you have to do is step into it and zip up the back. I’ll help you. Nick pulled the skirt up his waist and I zipped up his butt. “So this is a skirt?” Yup it’s freeing isn’t? “I guess so. It’s really airy. Claire you won’t tell anyone about this will you?” About what dear? I wanted him too say it! “About me wearing panties, tights, and a skirt?” Of course not! Who would I even tell? Besides this is just your household attire I said. For now I thought.

We put away everything else with no other issues sadly. Let’s go downstairs and I’ll make you some food. We got downstairs and when Nick I went too sit down. I noticed that he had no idea how to sit in a skirt and I was given a front row view of his panties. Nick omg I need too teach you how to sit while wearing a skirt! Your legs are wide open. “It’s not supposed to be like that is it?” God no! Here watch me sit! “Wow you really know how to sit while wearing a skirt!” Of course I wear them all the time! Here try again! Nick tried again. Hmm that was better but you better practice some more while I cook. “Okay Claire.” My brother tried again and again and got great at it. This was going so good I thought. He’s not even putting up a fight!

Chapter 7
Just how far could I have pushed him today? I asked myself before I went too bed that night. Could I have gotten him into a dress? Could I have gotten him into one of my 1950s vintage dresses? I did have a collection and I could see him flouncing around in one. Maybe that could be my goal for tomorrow. I know that I was moving fast but he’s well so obedient. He didn’t have an ounce of fight in him today. He just went along with what ever I said. But a dress? That would be a real test. Especially one from my collection. I think that I was going to take the plunge tomorrow. I’ll introduce the idea too him and go from there. After all if I fail it won’t be too long before he was obeying all of my commands anyway. So, if he said no then I would reintroduce it at a later time. Yes that is what I would do. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come I could hardly sleep! Eventually I did fall asleep.

“Claire what happened to all my clothes? All I have is skirts and dresses!” Oh I’ve decided that since you will be under my care you will only be permitted to wear skirts and dresses! “What?!? Claire I don’t want to wear skirts or dresses. Yesterday was just a one off thing!” Really? I didn’t think so! No you will be in dresses forever! Go on step into this dress and accept your fate! I pulled out a 1950s vintage dress with a bow on it! Time to seal your fate! Spooked my brother ran out of the house and didn’t come back. I could never find him! I woke up with a startle and I was very sweaty! Maybe I should take that dream as a warning. Or should I do what I had originally planned? I wasn’t so sure!

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