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Getting more of what you want .
Some people have asked me why so few posts on certain things are on the forum .
It's simple . The people who post the things you like aren't aware that you like the posts . In order to to get more posts you will have to click on the thumbs up at the bottom left hand side of the post and award a merit . You don't have to say anything which means that even lurkers can get what they want . That way the posters know that they are on the right track and will feel more at ease sharing these things with you all . SO RATE THE POSTS YOU LIKE TO GET MORE !
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
It’s true. So little content gets recognised it’s quite discouraging. I set out on my last story '12 Days of Christmas’ full of ideas and enthusiasm, but my own progress has slowed because of lack of any reaction. Even people saying ‘I hate your work' would be better than a vast wall of indifference!
I agree. Thumb up and score plus for Bill. Wink

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